Adventures in the Muslim World: Morocco to Malaysia

Barely into his presidency, Donald Trump signed an executive order to temporarily ban residents of seven countries in the Muslim world from entering the United States. While the justice system has ruled it to be un-consitutional and has tied it up in courts, hundreds of thousands of people have reportedly had their visas revoked, and…

Sandakan Death Marches, A Tribute to Aussie POWs

  In honour of ANZAC Day (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp)… I’m always amazed at how few people realise that Australians have also fought in all the major international wars dating back to World War I and that we have experienced immense tragedy like so many other nations over the insanity of human conflict….

Exotic Animals of Borneo Up Close On an Eco Tour

  Borneo is perhaps most famous for being home to the gentle, majestic and endangered orangutan, but the world’s 3rd largest island is filled with a wealth of other wonders. As we began researching what we wanted to experience on our recent trip to Borneo, we realised it is home to some rather peculiar animals….