Nuremberg, Germany: What to See

Many people, including World War II aficionados, associate Nuremberg with the Nazi party. It was here that the large Nazi rally grounds were built and from 1933-1938 Hitler addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters in an annual gathering. Hence Nuremberg was also where the allied forces decided to prosecute high ranking Nazi officials in a war…

Nurnberg Christkindlesmarkt

Should I buy travel insurance?

Should I buy travel insurance? This is an important question to ask yourself before setting off on your travels. Do Bell and I buy travel insurance? Not usually. Since we’ve lived in Europe for over 5 years we’ve often been covered when traveling to other European countries (In the Netherlands, but not currently in Ireland)….

La Trappe Brewery, Monk Made Beer in the Netherlands

Whether you’re Christian or not, monk made beer is special. Some breweries even make abbey style beers, passed off as the real deal when they’re not. There are only 8 Trappist monk breweries of the Cistercian order approved to sell beer with the official Trappist label. 10 additional monasteries are approved to sell other Trappist products. These include…