Why You Should Travel When You’re Young

  Travelling is wonderful at any age so long as you’re physically and mentally fit at a reasonable level. This past summer my 85 year old father made his second consecutive summer trip to visit us in Ireland, all the way from Florida. He had a fantastic time, and we were even able to do…

travel when you're young

5 Ways to Save Big Money on Travel

There’s no doubt travel can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Some people believe that in order to have a good time they have to spend a lot of money, and for some this is true, but for many it isn’t. In many cases a champagne experience can be had on a…

Nuremberg, Germany: What to See

Many people, including World War II aficionados, associate Nuremberg¬†with the Nazi party. It was here that the large Nazi rally grounds were built and from 1933-1938 Hitler addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters in an annual gathering. Hence Nuremberg was also where the allied forces decided to prosecute high ranking Nazi officials in a war…

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Should I buy travel insurance?

Should I buy travel insurance? This is an important question to ask yourself before setting off on your travels. Do Bell and I buy travel insurance? Not usually. Since we’ve lived in Europe for over 5 years we’ve often been covered when traveling to other European countries (In the Netherlands, but not currently in Ireland)….