What to Expect on an Alaska Fjords and Glaciers Cruise with UnCruise

Dramatic fjords and glaciers await visitors in Southeast Alaska. This is the stage for some of the most gorgeous scenery on Earth. We recently embarked on a 7-day small ship UnCruise adventure cruise to explore Alaska’s unspoiled wilderness firsthand. Southeast Alaska is a wonderland to experience through kayaking, hiking, bushwhacking and small ship skiff boat tours.

You may be fortunate to view the Northern Lights, like we did! Bell even took a polar plunge in freezing water, with South Sawyer Glacier in the background. Here is what you can expect to experience on a 7-day Alaska Uncruise, along with packing tips and advice for staying in Juneau and Ketchikan!

Glacier capped fjords in Alaska

Juneau, Alaska

We sailed on UnCruise’s 7-day Alaska fjords and glaciers cruise from Juneau to Ketchikan. If possible, plan to arrive in Juneau at least a day early to have some time to explore Alaska’s capital and the surrounding area. Juneau is strikingly beautiful and there’s a lot to explore in the area.

Alex and Bell at Nugget Falls, a large waterfall
Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier is just 12 miles (20km) outside Juneau. Another highlight of visiting the 13.6 mile long Mendenhall Glacier is Nugget Falls, and the two sites combine for wonderful photo opportunities. You may even spot a bear on the trail. While we did not see a bear on the day we visited, apparently we just missed a Black Bear hanging out in a tree.

Mendenhall glacier meets the lake
Mendenhall Glacier, a 12 mile drive from Juneau Alaska

Mount Roberts

Another highlight of visiting Juneau is the view of the area from the summit of Mount Roberts. You can take a cable car to the top of Mount Roberts for $35 per person. However, if you’re reasonably fit you can save that money by hiking up. If you buy lunch at the restaurant you get a free trip down! We saved $70 doing that and enjoyed delicious crab nachos that we had a healthy appetite for. Plan for the hike up to take around 2 hours, including a few stops to rest and take photos of beautiful Juneau below.

Where to Stay in Juneau, Alaska

Hotel Baranof Downtown

The Baranof Downtown is an excellent place to stay in downtown Juneau. Styled in art-deco decor, the hotel features an on-site restaurant and lounge. Baranof is located within 10 minutes’ walk of the waterfront, boutique shopping and other Juneau attractions.

We stayed at the Cassiar Queen Suite a short drive outside Juneau, in a lovely residential neighborhood close to Mendenhall Glacier. Sima and Keith are the best Airbnb hosts we’ve ever had, as they include airport and ferry transfers, along with some other rides around town for guests included in the stay! Sima dropped us off at Mendenhall Glacier and also took us to a couple popular tourist spots in Juneau.

Alaska Fjords and Glaciers: Juneau to Ketchikan (or reverse)

We took the 7 day Alaska fjords and glaciers cruise aboard the 78 passenger Wilderness Explorer. The natural beauty we saw each day was incredible. Here is what you can expect to experience on this trip:

Front of boat, clean blue water and fjords under a blue sky in Alaska

Sample Highlights Include:

  • Dawes Glacier and ice-rich Endicott Arm
  • Whale watching in Stephens Passage
  • Adventure exploration in Misty Fjords National Monument
  • Tlingit cultural presentation
  • Kiksetti Totem Park and Chief Shakes Tribal House visit
  • Tongass backcountry by kayak, paddle board, skiff, and hike
  • Search for wildlife—bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, sea lions, eagles, mink, porpoises, and mountain goats
  • Navigate winding Wrangell Narrows and Behm CanalAlex & Bell in a Kayak, with fjords and the cruise ship in the background

Before boarding the ship in Juneau, all passengers have their photos taken. The photos get put into “The Face Book” that is then placed in the lounge. The binder includes all the passengers and staff aboard the ship, so if you forget somebody’s name you can look in the book without having to ask them again. Imagine this on a giant cruise ship? The intimate nature of a small ship cruise makes it easy to make some new friends. We hung out with several people aboard the ship  including crew who we hope to see again in the future!

South Sawyer Glacier and Tracey Arm Fjord

Tracey Arm Fjord and South Sawyer Glacier under a blue sky
South Sawyer Glacier and Tracey Arm Fjord in Southeast Alaska

We visited South Sawyer Glacier on the first full day of the 7-day Alaska fjords and glaciers UnCruise adventure cruise. South Sawyer Glacier is located at the end of the Tracey Arm fjord. We disembarked the Wilderness Explorer onto small ship skiff boat tours to get a closer look at the glacier. The skiff boats can safely get as close to half a mile to 3/4 of a mile from the glacier (around 1km).

The magnificent sheet of ice appears blue due to the way sunlight reflects off the face after chunks of ice break off – glacial calving. We witnessed massive chunks of ice as high as 20 stories collapse into the sea before our eyes. This was one of several eye-popping highlights of the cruise.

Part of the South Sawyer Glacier falling into the sea and creating a large splash
Glacial calving at South Sawyer Glacier

Up Close Glacier Views

Exploring a glacier up close is like entering another world. The skiff boat navigates around bergy bits (small icebergs) so everyone gets excellent up-close views of the glacier. Harbor seals lounge on many of the bergy bits and being curious animals, they often gaze back at visitors, possibly wondering what we were doing on their turf!

harbor seals hanging out in front of South Sawyer Glacier
Harbor seals resting on “burgy bits” in front of South Sawyer Glacier

The Tracey Arm fjord is also dramatically beautiful. From the ship, we watched mountain goats precariously climb steep terrains that keep them safe from predators like bears. There are binoculars all over the ship that you can pick up to have a better look at the wildlife!

Taking an Alaskan Polar Plunge

Bell jumping out of a small skiff boat into the water in front of South Sawyer Glacier
Bell taking the Polar Plunge at South Sawyer Glacier on an UnCruise Adventure Cruise

At the glacier, guests were given the option of doing the polar plunge. About a third of the passengers aboard braved the elements to dive into the frigid waters, including Bell. I happily stayed aboard the ship enjoying coffee and freshly baked cookies, while taking some photos and video of everyone leaping off the skiff boats!

Tongass National Forest

The Tongass National Forest is the world’s biggest temperate rainforest. It’s also the largest national forest in the USA, at 16.7 million acres, covering most of southeast Alaska. This area of protected wilderness is an unspoiled playground to explore wildlife during an Alaska cruise.

Alex hiking and using a large leaf as an umbrella in Tongass National Forest
Alex Kallimanis hiking in Tongass National Forest in Alaska

We loved exploring the Tongass National Forest on guided hiking and kayaking excursions. The staff of UnCruise are extremely knowledgable about the area and passionate about their jobs and the environment around them. Watching their eyes light up on rainforest hikes, like a kid in a candy store, while explaining aquatic life like sea urchins is enjoyable and a positive contagious energy.

Misty Fjords National Monument

22 miles east of Ketchikan, Misty Fjords National Monument is spectacular. Steep fjords and cliffs jut upwards of 3000 ft straight out of the ocean. There is almost constant precipitation in the area and the monument is covered with thick rainforests that grow on nearly vertical slopes from sea level to mountaintops. It Stretches 2.3 million acres across Tongass National Forest.

Dense forest reflecting back in the still waters of Misty Fjords National Monument
Misty Fjords National Monument

Sailing through Misty Fjords National Monument aboard UnCruise is a stunning site. All the rooms aboard the Wilderness Explorer have sea views, and we spent part of the time just enjoying the spectacular site from the privacy of our room. Of course, it’s also great to view from the bow or stern of the ship so you can enjoy the perspective of both sides.

Whale Watching on UnCruise

It was magnificent to see humpback whales during the cruise. And anytime there were whales, it was announced so everyone could quickly dart outside for a better look. One evening we saw humpback whales during our UnCruise, and it’s also common to see Orcas and other whales.

Whale tail and misty mountain collage viewed from the Wilderness Explorer UnCruise ship
Whale watching aboard UnCruise’s Wilderness Explorer

If you’re lucky, you may see humpback whales engage in bubble feeding. This happens when a group of humpback whales circles and captures a school of smaller fish like salmon, krill or herring through a team effort. They create a net of bubbles through their blow horns which allows several whales to feed off many fish at once. While we did not witness bubble feeding ourselves, some fellow passengers who were on another UnCruise the previous week from Sitka to Juneau told us they saw it. And it’s not an uncommon occurrence to see this in southeast Alaska! 

Northern Lights

One of the many highlights of our UnCruise was witnessing the Northern Lights on two of the seven nights of the cruise. The Northern Lights occur when gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere collide with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Variations in color are due to the type of gas particles that collide.

Green and pink northern lights dance on the horizon with the stars above
The Northern Lights light up the night sky of Southeast Alaska

We witnessed primarily light green and also pink streaks dance in the night sky from the bow of the ship, over nice cocktails. The bartender, Brad, told us that seeing the Northern Lights never gets old because nature’s performance is never the same. We had actually not seen them before, so it was an absolute thrill for us. While you’re not guaranteed to see them, if the night sky is clear, you have a good chance.

Photo Tip: To capture the northern lights you will need a tripod and a lens with an f-stop of around 2.8. The difficulty in capturing them in focus is that both the northern lights and the boat are moving. To overcome this, on the manual setting of your camera, lower the f-stop as far as you can, the longest exposure you can use is 1.5 seconds because of the movement and so finally you will need to set your ISO to the maximum available to you. You might be able to get a photo on your phone as a memory if that is all you have, if you have an iPhone though you will need to download a manual photo app prior to your UnCruise! Then you can increase the ISO and adjust the exposure time.

Wrangell and Tlingit Cultural Experience

The stop in Wrangell offers an opportunity to do some shopping and experience a little of small-town Alaskan life. Highlights of Wrangell include Chief Shakes Tribal House, Tlingit totem polls, Wrangell Museum and petroglyph rock carvings on the beach.

Our UnCruise included a Tlingit cultural presentation in Wrangell. Chief Shakes Tribal House is an impressive example of traditional Tlingit woodcarvings. Arthur and Sue currently run the house and they regaled everyone with stories of their ancestors, Tlingit traditions and life in Alaska.

Member of the Tlingit tribe telling their story in the cedar wood tribal house
Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell, Alaska

Wrangell Museum is packed with local artifacts and information on the history of the town and region. The petroglyph rock carvings on the beach are also worth visiting, especially since the view of the Alaskan mountains from the beach is stunning. We had just enough time in Wrangell to do all three of these things, and admission fees are included in the UnCruise package.

Ketchikan, Alaska

A popular cruise ship stop near Misty Fjords, Ketchikan is where our UnCruise concluded. Ketchikan is known as the “salmon capital of the world.” And we’ve never seen as many salmon as we did in Ketchikan’s waterways. Ketchikan is also a great destination for Native American and gold rush history. Totem polls in the area add to the stunning scenery of the inner passage Alaskan town. There’s a Totem Heritage Center right in Ketchikan and multiple totem parks just outside town, including Saxman Native Village a couple miles south and the Totem Bight Historical Park just north.

Creek Street sign at dusk and mountains in Alaska

You can also watch harbor seals feeding off salmon in the harbor along Creek Street, the former Red Light District dotted with timber houses. You may even see whales in the harbor. Other wildlife in the area includes black bears, wolves and bald eagles.

Plan to spend an extra day in Ketchikan before or after your cruise. We stayed at the Inn at Creek Street, located in the center of Ketchikan. Many of the rooms have scenic views of the harbor. Rooms are comfortable, with plush beds, large flat screen TV’s and coffee makers. Their on-site New York Cafe serves gourmet coffees and craft beers that pair well with breakfast or another meal.

What to Expect from a Small Ship UnCruise Adventure Cruise?

Small ship cruises offer an intimate experience with the Alaska landscape and a highly knowledgable and enthusiastic staff. An easy dock system means kayaks are dispatched straight from the stern of the ship. Small ship skiff boats are also loaded right from the ship, for those that don’t want to paddle.

Getting the kayaks on and off the cruise boat
UnCruise’s Wilderness Explorer launches kayaks from the back of the ship

A typical day on an UnCruise Ship consists of multiple two-hour excursions. One excursion in the morning and another in the afternoon, with lunch aboard the ship in between. Typically guests choose between kayaking, skiff boat tours, hiking and bushwhacking. There were a few all-day excursions offered, and for those that choose that, boxed lunched are provided. Bell did the all-day hike, which is intended to be a challenging hike intended for those looking for that experience.

Log steps along the hike in Thomas Bay

While these are not big ship cruises packed with water slides, go-karts or mini-golf, there is a hot tub on the bow of the ship. The hot tub is a wonderful place to relax after an action packed day outdoors. Grab a drink from the lounge and enjoy the beautiful Alaskan scenery from the hot tub.

Bell and Uncruise guests enjoying the hot tub and drinks in front of a glacier
Bell and other UnCruise guests enjoying the sauna at South Sawyer Glacier.

UnCruise Food

The food aboard the Wilderness Explorer is fantastic. Meals are sometimes themed and there’s always alternatives for common dietary restrictions like gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian. Some of the highlights included Dungeness crab legs, duck gumbo, filet steaks and so much more. They also offer excellent wines and craft beers to pair with the delicious food.

Collage of food on the bot including crab legs, cookies and cocktails
So many great meals, desserts and cocktails aboard UnCruise in Alaska.

Does UnCruise cater to food allergies?

Yes, and they cater to food allergies amazingly well. Bell has a gluten allergy and I have a dairy allergy and they made sure we never felt left out. If pancakes or waffles were being served for breakfast, they had gluten and dairy-free pancakes and waffles for us. There was always gluten and dairy-free cookies and desserts available as well. And when dining is buffet style, all food is marked whether it’s suitable for gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian diets.

The staff aboard UnCruise are passionate about what they do and provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Who is an Alaska UnCruise Adventure Cruise For?

The UnCruise experience is perfect for those that don’t want to be aboard a cruise ship with thousands of people. If you want the showcase of your trip to be the beautiful Alaskan scenery, instead of an onboard shopping mall, this experience is right up your alley. There are no interior cabins on the Wilderness Explorer ship, meaning that all guests can see the dramatic Alaskan landscape right from their rooms. UnCruise offers a more intimate experience with the Alaskan wilderness compared to big ship cruises.

Bell looking out of binoculars from the captains deck
There is an open door policy to hang out in the Captains Deck aboard Uncruise.

Who is Alaska UnCruise Probably Not For?

If you’re looking to gamble on the cruise ship or party in nightclubs, UnCruise is probably not for you. Gaming tables and clubs are not options on small cruise ships. There is a lounge aboard the Wilderness Explorer and alcoholic drinks are inclusive of the price. Every evening our bartender Brad featured a specialty cocktail that we were always curious to try.

There are excellent drink choices on the ship ranging from craft beer, artisan wine and a great liquor selection including excellent single malt scotch like McCallan’s 12 year old. But the lounge closes at 11 pm as breakfast is around 7:30 am every day, so guests can make the most of outdoor excursions. You can still have a great time on an UnCruise but the party ends around 11 pm.

Sunset from aboard the UnCruise cruise ship in Southeast Alaska
Sunset aboard the 78 passenger UnCruise Wilderness Explorer in Southeast Alaska.

How Much Does a 7 Day Alaska Fjords and Glaciers UnCruise adventure cruise cost and what is included?

The price starts at $3,195 per person. That includes all food and drinks (including all alcohol) aboard the ship. It also includes all excursions like kayaking, guided hikes, bushwhacking and skiff tours. There was only one tour not included – the Anan Creek Bear Observatory, run by a separate company. That was an optional tour we didn’t take as we chose to spend that time exploring the town of Wrangell.

There are binoculars all over the ship, included in the cabins, to use during the cruise. During the cruise the staff takes photos, and after the cruise ends you receive a link to access all the photos for free.

Optional gratuities are excluded and UnCruise recommends paying gratuities of $25-$35 per person, per day.

Is there Wifi Aboard UnCruise?

Wifi is not included on UnCruise ships. It’s part of the companies ethos about disconnecting from technology and living the moment in your surroundings, including the people around you. We personally found the break from the internet very refreshing. There are some areas where the ship picks up a cell signal, including the stop in the town of Wrangell. So while there is no WiFi, you should have some opportunities to access the internet during the 7-day cruise.

What Should You Pack for an Alaska Cruise?

While Alaskan summers are mild and temperatures can be quite warm, the weather can be cold and rainy. That means waterproof jackets, pants and rubber boots are a must. If you forget rubber boots, UnCruise has rubber boots on board, but they can’t guarantee enough of all sizes, so if you have a pair bring them along.

Alex & Bell dressed in all their rain gear at the trailhead

Clothing, Layering & Fabrics

The style on board UnCruise is casual so t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, khakis and even shorts are acceptable. For outdoor activities, pack clothes that layer: convertible hiking pants, moisture-wicking base layers, and thermal underwear (top to bottom). Multiple thin layers are better than one or two thick ones.


You are going to get wet! Pack a heavy-duty, waterproof rain jacket and pair of rain pants. Fleece jackets/pullovers and zip-up vests are good for layering and warmth. Bring a scarf, gloves, and warm, water-resistant hat that covers your ears. If you’re traveling with kids, bring an extra pair of gloves as they get wet.


A pair of calf-high rubber boots, Wellingtons, or gummies is a must.

Bell on a hike in her rain gear
Bell sporting rainbow rubber boots and dry feet!

UnCruise offers a variety of Alaska cruise options. Their cruises range in length from 7 – 14 days. Some visit majestic Glacier Bay, one of the most magnificent highlights of southeast Alaska.

To read about the Columbia and Snake Rivers UnCruise check out this post from Brianna at the Casual Travelist. And for further cruise inspiration and itineraries, read our article on a Danube River Cruise from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. We’ve also covered some of the great small ship cruises around the world by region. Happy travels and joyous sailings!

Map courtesy of Wanderlog, a trip map maker

Writing & some photography by Alex Kallimanis

Some Photography and photography edits by Bell Kallimanis

Disclosure: We were hosted by UnCruise, which enabled us to write this article. All photos and opinions here remain our own. Also, this article contains some affiliate links.

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12 thoughts on “What to Expect on an Alaska Fjords and Glaciers Cruise with UnCruise

  1. Oh man, what an unforgettable trip! I RVed through Alaska when I was a teenager and have always wanted to return. The big cruise ships didn’t really interest me, so this seems like the perfect alternative! I don’t know about that polar plunge though – I’ll stick to the hottub!

    1. That’s awesome that you RV’ed through Alaska as a teenager, Eileen! That’s an epic trip! Alex agrees with you on the polar plunge – coffee and fresh baked cookies on the ship were preferable for him 🙂

  2. UnCruise sounds like a great option for seeing more of southeastern Alaska. I lived in Juneau for a while and loved exploring Mendenhall Glacier, the town itself, and doing a lot of fishing. It was also easy from there to take the ferry down to Ketchikan, Sitka, Skagway, etc. The boat rides are spectacular, but you do really need to get off the boat and explore the land. Sounds like this UnCruise is a great compromise that allows that!

    1. Yes, UnCruise is a great option for exploring the fjords and glaciers of southeast Alaska, Juliann! That’s wonderful that you lived in Juneau – what a stunningly picture area to reside in! The winter months would rough, but what a reward you receive during the warmer months. Ketchikan and Wrangell are great towns to explore as well. We’d love to get back someday and visit more amazing places like Glacier Bay and towns like Sitka and Skagway. Happy travels!

  3. It sounds like UnCruise is out kind of adventure. I am so glad that they focus on getting out and about in nature instead of drinking and gambling on the ship. I love your tip about hiking up and taking the gondola down. Jenn like uphill hiking better because of her knees and that crab sounded amazing.

    1. Glad to hear this! You two would love taking an UnCruise in Alaska 🙂 Before and after the cruise, we both enjoyed exploring Juneau and Ketchikan on our own. They’re both cool towns. glad to hear you can manage the hike up Mt. Roberts in Juneau. It’s a lovely hike and not too strenuous! We both really enjoyed chowing down on delicious Alaskan crab legs while there as well. Happy travels to both of you!

  4. What an incredible experience!! I went on a cruise in Alaska a looong time ago, when I was 11 years old! To be honest, I did not enjoy it. I would love to go back as an adult as I think it’s much more up my alley now. Also I’d totally go with a cruise company like Uncruise like you did… 78 passengers is actually such a small boat! We were on a massive cruise ship that made the whole experience feel a bit too touristic.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Sarah! Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy exploring Alaska on a large cruise ship when you were a kid. It’s great you had a chance to go and sounds like you’re due for a return to explore it a different way, and with more life experience! A few years ago we were on a big cruise ship exploring the Caribbean, and while it was fun, the sheer size of the ship (with shopping, gambling, etc) can sometimes be a distraction from enjoying the scenery. Sounds like an UnCruise is right up your alley of travel, Sarah. Happy travels!

  5. Like Sarah, I also went on a cruise a long, long time ago when I was 12. I don’t completely remember it and cruising also isn’t for me anymore. I desperately want to go back to Alaska and actually explore. I’d love either something like Uncruise or a road trip through Alaska. Awesome that they also can cater to vegans!

    1. Sounds great, Ashley! UnCruise isn’t your typical big ship cruise and they cater to vegetarians so that would be up your alley. A road trip through Alaska would also be a wonderful experience. The landscape is gorgeous and so pristine!

  6. Just found your blog and really appreciate the detailed review of this trip. My husband and I are considering the same itinerary with Uncruise for our 25th anniversary this September. May I ask in what month you traveled? We would love to see the Northern Lights, which they mention can appear in September, but are a little leery of the increased chances of cold and rain at this time of year. It sounds like you all had great weather and saw some really great wildlife. Those are two things that are high on our list. Thanks again for your review.

    1. Hi Ashley. Thanks for your comment and we’re glad you enjoyed the article. Congratulations in advance on your upcoming 25th wedding anniversary! An Alaska cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate that 🙂

      We took the UnCruise Alaska Fjords and Glaciers Cruise the first week of September. Yes, average temperatures in September tend to be cooler compared to July and August. The Alaskan fjords are a temperate rainforest so it does rain a majority of days. We loved that the Northern Lights could be viewed in all their splendor on two clear nights of our seven day UnCruise in September. That is a major highlight along with all the pristine beauty and wildlife. But if you want the weather to be a little warmer – maybe plan to take the cruise in July or early August and celebrate a little early 🙂

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