10 Best Waterfalls in the US: The Full Guide

There is something about waterfalls that brings tears to our eyes and a lump to our throats. The magnificent power of nature, the incomparable beauty of water as it plummets off steep cliffs and thunders into deep pools, lush, verdant greenery that surrounds them, the mist of spray that reaches you as you watch them…

The Future of Travel in 2022

By Molly Barnes at Digital Nomad Life   As the stages and waves of the global pandemic proceed into the third year, travel continues to adjust to the changes. New variants and changing global hotspots are causing travel lockdowns across the world. And with no current end in sight, travelers will have to maintain the…

palm trees on the beach at sunset at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Travel Conferences Around the World

We’ve attended many travel conferences over the years, from Athens, Greece to Billings, Montana. Due to the pandemic, the past year has seen many travel conferences either get cancelled or reinvent themselves by temporarily going virtual. There are many travel conferences, expos and markets around the world for travelers and the travel industry. Some conferences…

Square with cafe setting and blue skies

Great Destinations to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a great year round destination for travelers in the Mid-Atlantic. We recently lived in Washington, DC for 4 years and enjoyed taking many trips to the Keystone State (nicknamed that for its essential role in the founding of the US). Philadelphia even served as the capital of the country between 1790 and 1800….

The exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater with the fall foliage and waterfalls

Florida Snowbirds: Tips for an Extended Stay

The sunshine state is a favorite wintertime home for many northerners. 663 mikes of great beaches, palm trees and outdoor activities offers a sanctuary away from shoveling snow. It is also a great place to socially distance in beachside state parks. I grew up in Florida and we have spent some time this winter enjoying…

Sunrise over the ocean with a pier in the background