Narva, Estonia: Largest NATO Town on the Russia Border

Estonia’s third largest town of Narva, separated from Russia by the Narva River, draws far fewer visitors. Around 97% of Narva’s 60,000 residents speak Russian. It’s not only a strategically significant destination, it’s extremely interesting to visit for viewing two medieval fortresses across different nations.

7 Tips for Dressing Appropriately When Visiting Religious and Historical Sites

Temples, churches, historic buildings, and monuments showcase gorgeous and unique architectural elements. They also hold a prominent place in their respective location’s history and culture. So for many travelers, visiting these locations typically ranks high on their travel to-do list, as it allows them to truly immerse themselves in the heritage of a destination. However, when visiting these locations, you need to familiarize yourself with the dress codes in place. These popular tourist spots also tend to be revered by many of the locals, so dressing appropriately is one of the best ways to show respect.

Front of the Shrine of Remembrance with blue skies

Exploring Skopje’s Rich Coffee Culture: A Caffeine Lover’s Guide

Nestled within the historic streets of Skopje, Macedonia, lies a vibrant coffee culture that intertwines tradition with modernity. The old town, a charming labyrinth of cobblestone alleys, serves as the backdrop to an enchanting journey through the world of coffee. From bustling cafes where locals gather to savor their cherished brews, to hidden gems where…

Exploring Europe’s Scenic Coasts: Cruise Routes with Epic Views

Europe is home to some of the world’s most incredible scenery. The coastlines, in particular,
are renowned for their beauty and tranquillity, they attract millions of tourists from across
the planet every year.

If you want to take a trip this year, you’d be hard pressed to find a holiday more perfect than
a tour around some of these stunning coasts. We’ve put together a list of some of the top
cruise routes that will give you the best views in Europe.

Canals with the gondolas parked and a dark moody sky over Venice

10 Unique Greek Peloponnese Experiences

The Peloponnese region of southern Greece offers an abundance of striking beauty. It’s home to ancient and modern wonders, from the birthplace of the Olympics to the Corinth Canal. Vast sandy beaches, lined with seaside resorts and delicious eateries, offer a vacation playground for couples and families. The former Venetian settlement of Nafplio was the original capital of modern Greece, when the nation re-gained independence after centuries of Turkish Ottoman rule. Here are some unique Greek Peloponnese experiences to consider for your travel plans!