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Our mission is to inspire travelers to explore more of the world in a sustainable way. We want our readers to have an amazing experience on their trips. Check out our resources page for tips, including travel hacks that can save you thousands of dollars a year on travel!

View of the Wachau Valley of Austria while on an Emerald Cruises Danube River Cruise

We love to showcase wonderful lesser known destinations, in addition to some of the world’s most popular places. We partner with quality tourism boards and brands around the world on this quest. 

Alex Kallimanis is an award winning travel journalist and travel consultant. Belinda-King Kallimanis is an award winning scientist who works in cancer research. You can read more of our story (including how we met in a hostel in Brugge, Belgium in 2002 as solo travelers backpacking around Europe after college) in our about page.

Picture of rocks and the ocean, with cityscape off in the background
Bondi to Coogee Beach, Australia Coastal Walk. Alex Kallimanis received an honorable mention for this picture in the landscape/seascape photography category at the 29th annual 2020 NATJA Awards

Alex also contributes to other travel outlets like Travel World International Magazine. We’ve traveled to nearly 60 countries and have lived and worked in 8 cities across 3 continents during our 16+ year international marriage. We’re currently based in Florida after recently spending over 4 years living in Washington, DC.

We’re potentially available for press trips and speaking engagements related to travel. We have large followings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that total around 75,000 followers. To see who we’ve worked with check out our media kit. Additionally, Alex is available to assist readers with trip planning, social media consultations and other freelance projects.

Bell jumping out of a small boat into the water in front of a glacier
Bell taking a polar plunge while on an UnCruise Alaska adventure

Alex specializes in travel to places we’ve lived and countries we frequently visit: Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium the United States and Australia. But he can also assist with firsthand knowledge to many other destinations.

Alex also showcases the world via his Instagram account Travel Guide Alex. He’s even guided a small group tour to some of the best breweries and attractions in Belgium and the Netherlands. He has assisted individuals and companies with planning romantic vacations, family trips, business travel and more!

For enquiries, please use the contact form below. 

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