Want to Retire to the Caribbean? Important Things to Consider

From healthcare to the cost of living, infrastructure, safety, and more, retiring abroad takes careful research and planning. In this article, we’re diving into some of the key factors to think about if you’re considering making the Caribbean your retirement destination. With the right information and preparation, your dreams of island life can become a reality. 

Great Small Ship Cruises Around the World

An advantage of small ship cruises over large ships, is a more intimate setting. The focus is on gorgeous destinations, carefully curated excursions, locally sourced dining and your surrounding company. It’s a far different experience compared to mega ships with casinos, waterslides and thousands of people on board. That can be fun for travelers, but it’s not for ideal for everyone, including popular destinations and the environment. These are some of the best small ship cruises spanning European river cruises to the Alaska fjords!

Part of the glacier falling into the sea and creating a large splash in an ice carving

Vacationing in the Caribbean

Last updated on March 5th, 2024 at 10:16 pmYear round sunshine, magnificent beaches and tropical vibes make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. The Caribbean Sea encompasses 28 island nations and includes around 7,000 islands. Nestled between North America and South America, the Caribbean spans 2.7 million square kilometers. Why the Caribbean?  If you want…

Caribbean island and beach bungalows

Luxury Retreats in the Dominican Republic for a Couple’s Getaway

Last updated on March 5th, 2024 at 10:10 pmThe Dominican Republic is one of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean. The country attracts millions of tourists each year to enjoy its pristine beaches, friendly locals and relaxing culture. Whether you visit on a honeymoon or just feel you deserve a break for a week…