Vacationing in the Caribbean

Year round sunshine, magnificent beaches and tropical vibes make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. The Caribbean Sea encompasses 28 island nations and includes around 7,000 islands. Nestled between North America and South America, the Caribbean spans 2.7 million square kilometers. Why the Caribbean?  If you want to spend a dreamy vacation with your loved…

Caribbean island and beach bungalows

How to Prepare for your Cuba Holiday

Written by: Orsolya Bartalis Travel has transformed over the past two years, after many of us were unable to traverse internationally for awhile. Now there are more rules prior to departure, along with changing entry/quarantine requirements that make many reluctant to book. But with some preparation and flexibility, international travel is back on the cards….

downtown Havana Cuba, including the dome of the Cuban National Capitol Building

Luxury Retreats in the Dominican Republic for a Couple’s Getaway

By Emma Grant: One of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean attracts millions of tourists each year to enjoy the pristine beaches, friendly locals and relaxing culture. Whether you’re here on a honeymoon or just feel you deserve a break for a week or two, you’ll find the Dominican Republic to be the perfect…

Snorkeling in Roatan, Honduras

Colorful fish and a reprieve from our everyday world is what draws humans to explore the sea. On our recent Caribbean cruise aboard the Norwegian Getaway we took the plunge with Roatan Eco Tour. Snorkeling in Roatan is a fun excursion in a popular Carribean tourist port. Roatan is a small island off the coast…