Vacationing in the Caribbean

Year round sunshine, magnificent beaches and tropical vibes make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. The Caribbean Sea encompasses 28 island nations and includes around 7,000 islands. Nestled between North America and South America, the Caribbean spans 2.7 million square kilometers. Why the Caribbean?  If you want to spend a dreamy vacation with your loved…

Caribbean island and beach bungalows

20 Years of Couples Travel and Life Abroad

20 years ago we met in a hostel in Brugge, Belgium. We were both backpacking solo after college and our paths randomly crossed. I was traveling from the USA and Bell was touring the continent from Australia. We were both heading to Amsterdam with a single overlapping day. Little did we know that several years…

How to Prepare for your Cuba Holiday

Written by: Orsolya Bartalis Travel has transformed over the past two years, after many of us were unable to traverse internationally for awhile. Now there are more rules prior to departure, along with changing entry/quarantine requirements that make many reluctant to book. But with some preparation and flexibility, international travel is back on the cards….

downtown Havana Cuba, including the dome of the Cuban National Capitol Building

The Future of Travel in 2022

By Molly Barnes at Digital Nomad Life   As the stages and waves of the global pandemic proceed into the third year, travel continues to adjust to the changes. New variants and changing global hotspots are causing travel lockdowns across the world. And with no current end in sight, travelers will have to maintain the…

palm trees on the beach at sunset at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Panama City, Panama Travel Guide

Panama City, Panama is often called the Dubai of Central America. Banking along with the Panama Canal has spawned a high-rise metropolis nestled along the Pacific Ocean. Panama City is central American hub, which is fitting since it was the first European settlement along the Pacific Ocean. The ruins of the first European settlement at…

Alex standing behind a sloth on the paved Ancon Hill hiking trail