Prague’s Hidden Gem Restaurants and Bars

Prague is one of the most popular cities in Europe for a variety of tourists. Its beautiful architecture offers a majestic backdrop for romantic getaways. The city also houses a wide selection of bars and nightclubs, making it a bustling playground for bachelor and bachelorette getaways. A broad spectrum of visitors descends upon Prague, giving the center a bustling Disney like atmosphere on weekends – which is not for everyone. So it is a great idea to get off the beaten path to discover some Prague hidden gems!

A stone bridge, with religious statues over a river with the landscape of Prague

Vršovice is a laid-back district featuring art nouveau buildings, ideal for those looking to get off the busy tourist trail. It’s home to many boutique shops, inventive restaurants and quality craft beer bars. Lined with vineyards and tranquil slopes, Havlíček Gardens offers sweeping views overlooking Prague.

Vinohrady is another great neighborhood to visit. It features excellent international restaurants, trendy bars, hip cafes, gay nightclubs and Riegrovy Sady park’s beer garden. The leafy residential neighborhood is adorned with pastel-colored art deco buildings, housing many young professionals and expats. Vinohrady is a short tram ride away from the heart of Prague.

Good beer is a staple of the Czech Republic. But I found the best brews outside the touristy establishments, which typically have exclusive arrangements to only serve beer by Czechia’s largest beer producers like Pilsner Urquell.

Prague Highlights

Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” the medieval wonderland of colorful baroque architecture is bisected by the Vltava River. Highlights include Prague Castle, Old Town Square, towering Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock. Lined with grand statues of Catholic saints, pedestrian only Charles Bridge dates to 1402. The bridge offers majestic vistas of the city while strolling along its cobblestone path.

Czech History

It is a little strange to type Czechia as it is the third name for the country during my lifetime. During my first two visits to the nation, it was exclusively known as Czech Republic, translated from Česká Republika. Czechoslovakia was the nation’s name from 1918-1992 – from the conclusion of World War I to shortly after the fall of the USSR.

Vršovice is a laid-back, up-and-coming area, where art nouveau buildings house indie boutiques and offbeat coffee spots. Krymska Street, in particular, is known for innovative eateries, concept stores and dance clubs. Nearby, the peaceful slopes of Havlíček Gardens are lined with vineyards and offer picturesque views overlooking the city.

I have visited the Czech Republic multiple times, with the most recent trip sandwiched by extensive travels around Poland. If you’re heading to neighboring Poland, read my 10 day Poland itinerary, covering Krakow, Warsaw and Wrocław.

Great Hidden Gem Restaurants and Pubs in Prague


Vycep is in the Michelin guide Czech, but it’s a Prague hidden gem because it is located outside the city’s touristy Old Town. The modern Wallachian restaurant in the heart of Vinohrady, offers inventive hearty cuisine. Vycep makes everything in house including fresh sourdough bread, cheeses and salamis. Some of the best Czech and Moravian vineyard selections are found on their menu. A variety of quality craft beers are on offer, and I especially loved the Czech IPA I drank there.

Three pictures, one of a dumpling over cabbage, another of ribs with sauce and garnish and the last one a group of 7 people at the table in the restaurant

Vycep’s delicious grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce comes with sautéed kale mixed with pork neck pieces smoked in house. Creative starters include a puff pastry roll stuffed with smoked carp from their smokehouse and caviar of trout, dill, cabbage, fennel and sour cream.

Vycep is an ideal convivial venue for a date night, meal with friends, or work dinner (which is what took us there). Just outside the center of Prague, Vycep can easily be reached by tram.

Vycep address:

Korunní 1304/92, 101 00 Vinohrady, Czechia

Pivoteka Pivo a parek

Pivoteka Pivo a parek is another stellar Vinohrady venue off the tourist trail. It is basically just across the street from Vycep, near the 15 Tram Stop at Lipanska. Piva a Parek translates to “Beer and Sausage.”

2 photos, one of a beer and a hot dog and the other of the entrance to the bar which looks warm and welcoming

I ducked into Pivoteka Pivo a parek for a pre-dinner beer and was impressed with their craft brew selection. While I was the only tourist at the establishment during my visit, the staff treated me well. The bartender explained their beer menu, then gave recommendations based on my preferences.

Pivoteka Pivo a parek also has a limited food menu. Casual offerings include tasty sausages served with rye bread, sauerkraut and mustard. They also have a lovely biergarten to sit outside when the weather is nice.

Pivoteka Pivo a parek address:

Korunní 105, 130 00

Praha 3-Vinohrady, Czechia

Sedm° Pivoteka

Sedm° Pivoteka is another great craft beer bar off Prague’s tourist trail. They offer a variety of interesting craft brews like a delicious double dry hopped IPA and Clock Brewery Block Current Sour Ale. Unique styles include Hak Ale Pampeliska, a delicious IPA brewed with dandelion. They serve light bites like pates, baba ganush and jerky, served with delicious fresh bread.

The quality of beers at Sedm° are exceptional, with styles to serve a variety of discerning beer palates. I again found myself to be the only tourist in this trendy modern establishment. Local tables buzzed around me, with a vibrancy evoking a convivial Czech ambiance. The bartender spoke good English and was happy to suggest beers to taste before purchasing.

Sedm° address:

Sokolovská 73/63/186 00, 186 00

Karlín, Czechia

KRO Karlin Bistro and Cocktail Bar

KRO Karlin Bistro and Cocktail Bar is a charming Prague hidden gem. Chicken is the star at this vibrant eatery. Menu highlights include a 1⁄4 chicken served with baked potatoes, pesto, yogurt salad and sesame chicken demi. Additional delicious entrees include a crispy duck combo served with potato pancakes, cucumber, cabbage salad, herbs and a plum demi glaze.

Plate of roasted chicken with a little side salad

KRO Karlin offers an intimate, yet lively environment to enjoy tasty cocktails over dinner. KRO classics include a cherry daiquiri, mixing Angostura Reserva rum, Amaretto, fermented cherries and lime. They also feature an extensive menu of craft spirits from around the world, including aged Scotch like Glenfarcals 17 and Nikka Coffee Gin.

KRO Karlin is a great setting for a casual couples dinner or dinner with friends or colleagues. We enjoyed a fun and tasty night here during a work dinner that coincided with the ISOQOL conference (International Society of Quality of Life) that Bell attended.

KRO Karlin Bistro address:

Sokolovská 79/81,

186 00 Karlín, Czechia

Elegant Stay in Prague

The Grand Mark Prague offers a luxurious 5-star stay in the heart of the Czech capital. Located within a 17th-century residential palace, its interior wows the senses with elegance. Most well furnished rooms feature a separate living room with full kitchenette and seating area, spacious bathroom with heated floors and lovely garden or street views.

Multiple on-site dining options include Le Grill Restaurant, which serves Czech and international cuisine. Their breakfast buffet offers ample choices of local organic and home-made dishes. The Grand Mark Prague offers an idyllic stay for honeymoons, romantic city breaks or a memorable weekend.

Prague Hidden Gems Conclusion

Prague is a world class city, frequently considered one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic destinations. Its historic Old Town offers a variety of good restaurants, bars, shops and attractions. For those looking to take a deeper dive into the city, the above recommendations are great establishments that I’ve personally enjoyed. This list merely scratches the surface of Prague hidden gems. But it covers you for a couple good nights on the town.

Modern architecture of the "dancing house" juxtaposed with classic architecture in Prague

Planning a trip to Prague or elsewhere in Czechia, or Europe? You can leave a comment below or email me at alex(at) with questions and I’ll get back to you!

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