Why Do Brides Wear White?

When you think of a wedding, you probably imagine a bride in a gorgeous white gown. The most common wedding dress color is white, and while many people simply accept this as what you are supposed to wear at your wedding, you may be wondering where this tradition originates. Our article offers you insight about white wedding dresses and why brides today wear white. There are also more non-traditional options for wedding gowns that might piqué your interest.

White Wedding Dresses in History

White wedding dresses have been a tradition in the United States and many places around Europe for decades. The white wedding was first noted during the 1406 marriage of Philippa of England to Eric of Pomerania, and Philippa went on to become the Queen of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. In general, lavish weddings and eye-catching gowns were a thing reserved for royalty and those with money. That meant that the upper class of society typically invested in things like gold, silver, and white wedding dresses as a way to show off their riches and fortunate lifestyles.

White wedding dresses became popular among the general public and all levels of society during Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding to Prince Albert. Queen Victoria opted for a plain white color that was in contrast to many of her previous celebratory gowns to show that she was foremost a bride to her groom.

Wedding Dress Sentiment

This sentiment became more of a long-standing thing as white wedding dresses swept around England and the United States with their popularity, especially during the 1960s and 1970s when women were embracing more alternate fashions in their daily lives and reserved gowns and dresses for special occasions.

It is important to note that there are additional traditional beliefs associated with women and the color white. Many individuals maintain that white is a pure color. So marrying in white is essential to show your husband that you are ‘pure’ before marriage. Fortunately, today’s beliefs are more accepting of every woman’s choice to live life the way they choose before marriage. So these traditional meanings behind white wedding dresses are given much less thought.

Instead, in today’s world, white wedding dresses persist as a trend because they have simply always been a trend. White wedding dresses are expected from brides, and many people grow up envisioning themselves in a white wedding dress. However, alternate and non-traditional wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals accept the idea that your wedding dress doesn’t always need to be white.

Do I Need to Wear White at My Wedding?

As we mentioned above, while white wedding dresses are a generally accepted tradition in the United States and most of Europe, you don’t need to wear a white dress at your wedding.

In today’s world, alternate viewpoints and a woman’s choice to wear whichever color dress she prefers at her wedding are much more accepted, and many individuals are branching out into more non-traditional and experimental colors.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of a white wedding dress, you can easily find another color of wedding dress that flatters your appearance such as pink colors, pastel colors, silver and gold, or even black and red. At the end of the day, the color of your wedding dress comes down to what you feel your most beautiful and confident in.

Where Can I Find the Perfect Wedding Dress?

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be a long process, as you want to make sure that the wedding dress you select is perfect for your wedding theme and flatters you completely. We recommend starting your wedding dress shopping months ahead of your wedding and looking through local bridal stores and boutique stores to find the perfect gown.

You can also shop online. Just make sure you leave plenty of time for shipping and potential alterations. If you want a good combination, you can also view an online collection like this one. Then you can purchase your dress in person after trying it on.

Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

While white wedding dresses are the most popular choice of wedding gowns, non- traditional colors and designs of wedding gowns are quickly becoming more popular in today’s world. Finding your ideal wedding dress starts by thinking about which color gown you prefer to walk down the aisle in. Then takie your time to try on dresses until you find the one of your dreams. After the ceremony, you can kick off your journey among the many travel loving couples around the world.


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