St Patrick’s Day Photo Contest Winner!

We would like to thank everyone who contributed a photo to our St Patrick’s day green themed photo contest, we really appreciate it. They were all great entries and we would like to congratulate RugbyVaughan for their very cute F1 inspired green photo. Interestingly, the Australian Grand Prix was held yesterday in Melbourne, Australia, where we are currently staying with Bell’s mum. The fighter jets that flew overhead did a fantastic job of scaring the daylights out of many people. And the cars did a wonderful job of annoying everyone not attending the race.

Anyways, we will be sending you  “The Feckin’ book of Irish Stuff” and an Irish shamrock when we return to Ireland in 2 weeks!

We hope you all enjoyed St Patrick’s day and we look forward to running this contest again next year!

start of the F1 season, winner photo contest


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