Eating Ostrich in Amsterdam: De Struisvogel

Who enjoys sampling different animals?…We sure do! Ok, maybe Alex more so, but Bell completely downplays her desire for this. Unless I’m eating aged pigeon pate, she’ll probably at least try a bite of whatever exotic (and legal to consume) animal that is on my plate. Not too long ago I decided to putting eating ostrich in Amsterdam on the list.

If you’re in Amsterdam and you also want to try ostrich, definitely head to De Struisvogel (Dutch for “The Ostrich”). You can break the bank eating out in Amsterdam, and receive a mediocre meal in the process. De Struisvogel is a wonderfully refreshing alternative from many overpriced and uninspired Amsterdam eateries. For €26 ($32 US) you are served a choice of delicious and creative starters, such as beef carpaccio with homemade truffle mayonnaise,a succulent ostrich fillet, followed by a delicious selection of deserts, including a freshly torched creme brulee. This is one of the best values in Amsterdam, hands down.

Eating Ostrich in Amsterdam

De Struisvogel isn’t just a place to eat ostrich though. They have several other great mains on offer, changed seasonally and using all organic or free range meat. The 3 course menu starts at €23.50. It’s a beautiful and charming small establishment, quintessentially Dutch and perfect for a date or a nice evening with friends or family. It swings both ways. And the service is friendly and attentive, particularly by Amsterdam standards.

Eating Ostrich in Amsterdam
The restaurant is very small, with only 34 seats in total, so even during the week you should definitely book ahead. But a same day booking is possible. A word of caution for Americans or anybody in a hurry, this is not TGI Fridays. Do not dine here expecting to be out the door with a stuffed belly (of processed food) in 45 minutes. Eating out in the Netherlands is an event that is slowly savored for a couple hours. The restaurant staggers the courses accordingly, so expect to spend an hour and a half at least. It’s a beautiful and relaxing environment, with great wines, and you’re in Amsterdam, so take the time to enjoy yourself.

Keizersgracht 312  1016 EX Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 423 3817


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