Bordeaux in Summer: An Awesome Holiday Idea!


Last summer we had the opportunity to spend a week in the Bordeaux region of France and it ended up being one of the best trips we’ve taken. Bordeaux itself is an incredible mix of beauty, grace and energy, with fantastic food in beautiful squares that appear from narrow alleys dating back centuries. The UNESCO World Heritage town of Saint Emilion, just 21 miles (35 km) from Bordeaux will have you salivating with incredible wine and delicious food, surrounded by world class beauty. And nearby beach towns like Archachon offer relaxation and reprieve from Southern France’s hot summer days.

In the past we’ve written on why Saint Emilion is a must day trip from Bordeaux and why we still daydream about returning. We also wrote about 5 must eat foods to savor while in Bordeaux, and an entire post on funny Bordeaux photos. Now we’ve decided to re-visit the city and region in memory, to showcase why it’s such a phenomenal place to spend a week’s vacation.

France Bordeaux

Bordeaux Streets

Bordeaux Fountain

With no European nation spending more of its income on food, France takes food seriously. And while this might be pompous to some, its a treat for travelers who love quality fresh food. One the best parts about Bordeaux in summer are the amazing squares to dine al fresco, often for reasonable prices for ‘fixed prix’ 3 course meals. We made it a nightly ritual to pick a different square each night to enjoy what’s always one of our favorite parts of traveling- dinner! Sure you can do this in Paris, but you’ll spend a lot more and touristy places don’t cater to French diners. Our advice for Bordeaux is just to stroll the squares, see which restaurant has a busy patio and a menu that suits your taste and budget and grab a seat!

It’s always a great idea to indulge in a sausage and cheese picnic in a French Park too. The Jardin Public and Parc Bordelais are both picturesque spots to enjoy delicious artisan treats over your favorite wine, beer or random drink while in Bordeaux. And don’t miss out on a stroll along the river at night and watching the children running through the mirror d’eux to cool their feet on a warm evening. With all the smiles and laughs, you’d have to be a scrooge not to enjoy it.

The beach town of Archachon is about an hour away from Bordeaux and we enjoyed a great day trip there. This is a popular place in July and August so be sure to book accommodation ahead if you want to stay on the beach. We were booked at the Ibis hotel in Bordeaux for a week so traveling in the morning and returning in the evening is also a convenient option. We enjoyed a great lunch of mussels at one of the many beach-side restaurants clustered together and then strolled the beach and pier. In the evening we bought a bottle of Bordeaux at a bottle shop and popped it open over some takeaway kebabs on the beach while watching the sunset. It was a perfect day!

Nearby to Archachon is Dune Pilat (or Plya) which is one of the largest sand dunes in the world. As the temperatures were particularly hot on the day we visited Archachon we decided not to visit this amazing place, as it would have been akin to trekking in the dessert. But if temperatures are cooler than scorching hot, it’s meant to be very worthwhile.

Archachon, France
Archachon sunset, beach in France
Archachon Red sky sunset over pier
And then there is stunning Saint Emilion, which we challenge you to visit and not enjoy. The only downside to this town is that it’s touristy, but some touristy places are absolutely worth visiting anyway. And as Saint Emilion’s small train station is about 1km from town and not utilized by most tourists, we had a lovely, quiet and peaceful walk through the beautiful vineyards leading into town.

Someday we’d love to return to the Bordeaux region and when we do we’ll be sure to book a night’s stay in Saint Emilion. The town of Cadillac is meant to be another great day trip from Bordeaux that would be on our list for a future visit. We’d also love to visit Cognac, which is a couple hours north of Bordeaux. There you can visit the Hennessy and Courvesiour distilleries which would be fantastic for fans of either of these cognacs. But no matter what you do in this region, it’s pretty hard to go wrong!

French train: Bordeaux- Saint Emilion
Saint Emilion Vineyards

Saint Emilion Church

Where to Stay in Bordeaux and Saint Emilion?

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Saint Emilion Square, Dining

Saint Emilion Bordeaux wine
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5 thoughts on “Bordeaux in Summer: An Awesome Holiday Idea!

    1. Great- you would love it!! We’re not looking forward to winter coming to Boston, which will be much colder than Melbourne. Enjoy your upcoming summer down under!

  1. I used to live in Bordeaux and it’s still one of my favourite cities in the world. It’s the perfect size for a balance between having things to do, but also not being surrounded by crowds of people.

    It’s nice to hear someone who liked it, it’s so underrated as a tourist destination! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the nice comment, Jo! It’s equally nice to get someone’s take who previously lived in this beautiful town.

      We LOVED eating in the squares in Bordeaux, and the public gardens and just generally walking around the maze of the Old Town. It’s a shame we don’t have better photos of Bordeaux as we didn’t take our camera out as much that trip, for some reason. Bordeaux has just the right amount of tourists that the locals usually don’t treat visitors like jerks because they feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of us and feel they have a right to take advantage! 🙂

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