Day Trip from Bordeaux- Saint Emilion in Wine Country

You’d be hard pressed to enter any wine shop in the world and not find a selection from Bordeaux. Wine production in the Bordeaux area accounts for an astonishing 14.5 billion euro ($20 billion USD) of revenue for the region annually. That’s more than the entire GDP of many of the world’s poorest or smallest nations. The town is a fantastic place to kick back for a few days, and an absolute must day trip from Bordeaux is to the town of Saint Emilion in wine country.

View of Saint Emilion and nearby vineyards

Train Ride from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion – Be Sure to Validate Your TGV Ticket!

If you’re not renting a car it’s not a problem- you can do an easy 35km train ride from Bordeaux’s Gare St. Jean train station to Saint Emilion which takes about 40 minutes each way and costs 18 euro ($25 USD) round trip. The train ride is quite comfortable and you’ll be privy to some excellent views of vineyards and chateaus, especially as you get closer to Saint Emilion.

Be certain to validate each leg of your journey as French TGV train tickets are valid for 2 months and must be stamped from one of the yellow ticket machines on the station platform. We were actually unaware of this and when the train conductor came to check tickets she made us aware and cut us a huge break by not fining us. It’s lucky we didn’t get a conductor who was having a bad day, otherwise, we would have received a hefty fine. If you forget to validate your train ticket it is your responsibility to seek out a train conductor and inform them, don’t let them come to you first.

Arrival in Saint Emilion

Once you arrive at Saint Emilion’s small train station, you’ll need to walk about 1km past picturesque vineyards into town. Saint Emilion is one of France’s most beautiful towns. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site, due to how well preserved the exteriors of the old buildings are. The interiors are a different story, housing an abundance of chic wine shops, trendy restaurants, sweet shops and gift shops. Saint Emilion is very touristy, but somehow still feels authentic. After a few hours strolling through this magnificent town, Bell and I both fell in love with it and declared it one of our favorite European towns.

Plan to Rent a Bicycle if it’s Not Scorching Hot

We had planned to rent a bicycle and cycle through the lush vineyards of the region to several of the towns neighboring chateaus. But with July temperatures that day reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), we chose not to labor and possibly argue for the rest of the day and scrapped that plan. Along with lower prices, fall and spring are better times to visit this region because you’re less likely to be bogged down with heat and can partake in more activities. Scorching temperatures also mean you probably won’t be in the mood to drink what Bordeaux is most famous for- red wine. Though fortunately the Bordeaux area also produces enjoyable white wines which Bell doubly appreciated as she’s unfortunately allergic to the tannins in red wine.

Stay Hydrated in Summer

The wine overflows in Saint Emilion, but amazingly not bottled water in shops. We had to pass through several shops before finally being able to purchase some cold water. Be sure to have some water if you arrive by train as there wasn’t anyplace to buy it near the train station. To cool off we also enjoyed some wonderful sorbet from one of several ice cream vendors. If you like tart flavors, we highly recommend getting a scoop of passion fruit as it was pretty much the best sorbet we’ve ever eaten.

day trip from bordeaux, passion fruit sorbet

Wear Good Walking Shoes in Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion has a rather steep climb on tricky cobblestone streets so be sure to wear good walking shoes! When you reach the top of town you’ll be rewarding with a stunning panoramic view of nearby wineries and the town below. It’s a view you will never forget and one of the many scenic things in life where the pictures don’t do it justice.

For just 6.50 euro ($8.50 USD) you can take a short tram ride around some wineries and the tours lasts around 30 minutes. This is especially a good idea if members of your party aren’t able or willing to rent bicycles.

Dining in Saint Emilion

We frequently day dream about returning to drink vino and dine at the Amelia Canta.
A tasty and picturesque early dinner at Amelia Canta in St. Emilion

We highly recommend having wine and dinner in the main square as it’s one of the most beautiful settings we’ve ever dined in. And the prices are fantastic considering you could pay the same money to eat pub food in Dublin. The Amelia Canta restaurant rests in a stunning setting with a great view of the Monolithic Church of St. Emilion. There’s a few other neighboring restaurants in the square, so have a look at the menus to see which canard (duck) dish you’d like to indulge in. For vegetarians, there is unfortunately no soy foie gras options.

Eating here reminded us of the opening of The Way, about hiking the Camino de Santiago, which begins in France. Saint Emilion is a great day trip from Bordeaux!


The main square of Saint Emilion is a pretty tough setting to top when it comes to dining out.
The main square of Saint Emilion is a tough setting to top when it comes to dining out.


day trip from bordeaux

day trip from bordeaux

Saint Emilion, France

Where to Stay in Bordeaux and Saint Emilion?

Consider booking a hotel in advance that offers free cancellation! That way if your plans change, you can cancel without penalty.

We stayed at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre – Gare Saint Jean, which is a pretty good option for budget travelers. It’s no frills, but it was comfortable enough for an enjoyable visit to Bordeaux.

Families especially will find the best deals on short term apartment rentals. If you’ve never used Airbnb, sign up here and receive $40 credit off your first stay! It’s great to have a fridge to store delicious French cheeses and other goodies! Be sure to book apartments with consistently good reviews.

Dinner in Saint Emilion day trip from bordeaux


For US Based Wine Lovers

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day trip from bordeaux - Saint Emilion wine

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    1. Yes it is a rather inspiring place! Bell and I would absolutely love to return. I also have Cognac on my mind as that’s just 120 km north of Bordeaux!

    1. Haha! The Tour de Chateau…love it! Yeah Medoc is also meant to be amazing for wine tasting, as is Cadillac for those that like sweet fortified wines. I was going to do a day trip to Cadillac (sounds pretty classy) the last day of Bell’s conference but there was no train there and I had just missed one of the infrequent buses. Pity as the town looked beautiful on the tourism video in the hotel room and yes, the car is named after that town!

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