5 Must Eat Meals in Bordeaux

France is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists. And with wonderful architecure, excellent food and delicious wine, the French typically don’t let visitors down. When we visited France’s epicentre of wine, we were blown away by all the great food, and saw first hand why the French spend more of their money on food than all other Europeans. Listed here are 5 must eat meals in Bordeaux, though it’s tempting to write just one word…canard…because the French love indulging in duck in a variety of ways.

1) Foie Gras

Sorry vegetarians, perhaps no dish makes PETA members cringe more than foie gras because of debatable feeding practices. Foie gras is a delicacy typically made from the enlarged liver of a duck, or sometimes a goose (“oie” in French). Either bird’s liver can be served whole or in seasoned pate style, which is the cheaper version.

Foie gras doesn’t sound fantastic but when done well is tastes like a delicious meaty butter, which is why it is so sought after. It’s expensive because additional labor is involved to produce it, though it can be cheaper in France than elsewhere, which is why you should eat it there (just don’t waste your time with the canned stuff). And while the foie gras industry is particularly targeted by animals rights organizations, it’s no worse to eat a gavanche fed duck than it is to eat an American Tyson chicken (America’s largest chicken farm).

2) Magret de Canard

More duck! This is a plump duck breast steak, taken from ducks specially bred for their foie gras livers. You’ll see this on restaurant menus everywhere and wonder why it costs roughly the same as a good steak. You’ll understand why when you try it. When a good cut is grilled properly and cooked medium rare, it melts in your mouth and tastes comparable to an excellent quality venison steak. This is possibly my favorite dish of the must eat meals in Bordeaux!

magret de canard, Great Dishes in Southern France

3) Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame

There are far worse things in life, but these are prime examples of why it sucks being lactose intolerant. Sure, there is lactaid, but there is one terrible side effect to lactaid…it doesn’t work. Anyways, a properly done croque monsieur is basically the best fried ham and cheese sandwich you’ll ever eat. The sandwich is typically made with emmentel or gruyere cheese (never plastic flavored yellow cheese). The cheese is also lathered on top. The croque madame is the same concept, except it comes topped with a fried egg as well. Fun that they are both a closed and open faced sandwich at the same time! Suffice to say they are eaten with a knife and fork – very dignified.

croque monsieur

Where to Stay in Bordeaux?

Book hotels in advance that offer free cancellation! That way if your plans change, you can cancel without penalty.

We stayed at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre – Gare Saint Jean, which is a pretty good option for budget travelers. It’s no frills, but it was comfortable enough for an enjoyable visit to Bordeaux.

Families especially will find the best deals on short term apartment rentals. If you’ve never used Airbnb, sign up here and receive $40 credit off your first stay! It’s great to have a fridge to store delicious French cheeses and other goodies! Be sure to book apartments with consistently good reviews.

4) Crepes: 5 Must Eat Meals in Bordeaux

Crepes are one of the most popular concepts to be exported from France (the concept of American “French Fries” actually originated in Belgium, where half the nation speaks French). You can get a wonderful crepe in a cafe, but it’s also excellent street food in France. You’ll frequently see a stall with a large round griddle, with a man constantly pouring fresh pancake batter and spreading it out thin. A typical French street crepe is pretty simple but delicious. They’re typically flavored with sugar or strawberries.


5) Sausage and cheese picnic! 

So stereotypically French, it’s a must to visit one of Bordeaux’s great markets (or at least a grocery store) and select from an incredible assortment of sausage and cheeses. Plus it’s excellent value. Consider taking your picnic down to the Jardin Public or Le Miroir d’eau on the La Garonne river, both in the center of the city. These are both wonderful and relaxing places to enjoy one of your must eat meals in Bordeaux. Bon appetite!

many varieties of animal sausages, Great Dishes in Southern France

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    1. Hi 2wisemonkeys! I really want to get back to France asap myself! Bell is less enthused as she actually got food poisoning from some prawns at a restaurant in Bordeaux. That was just bad luck though. Bell particularly loves a good croque monsieur but most places outside of France just don’t do it as well, partly because people are less picky.

    1. Thank you for adding a great tip Chris! We actually didn’t come across as much Cassoulet on menus in the Bordeaux area. It sounds delicious- hopefully I’ll get to try it on a return visit some day!…No worries on the recipe, but if you get a chance we’re extending the deadline to submit 2 more days 🙂

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