Cats of Greece in pictures

When traveling in Greece you will encounter a wide assortment of stray dogs and cats. While the dogs can look a little intimidating, the cats can be quite sweet, especially on the islands. I love all animals, and was able to say hello to many cats of Greece when we visited Syros and Mykonos.

Mykonos, cats of Greece

The islands Syros and Mykonos are part of the Cyclades, and while Mykonos is the most famous for its windmills, beaches, summer parties and lovely blue and white houses, Syros is an equally beautiful island with many colourful houses that provide an equally amazing view of the surrounding sea and other nearby islands. We’re sure the cats also enjoy the views!

Syros, cats of Greece

This lovely white kitty hung out a few houses down from our apartment on Syros, she was not super friendly for petting though.

Syros, cats of Greece
Cats hanging out at the harbour of Syros, nice place to just chill. Is there a mouse in the neighborhood?

Mykonos, cats of Greece
I would love to be either one of these kitties for a day, sleeping in the sun on Mykonos

Acropolis cat, cats of Greece
This cat has the best views of Athens, and gives great perspective to the size of the Parthenon.

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