Great Hotels in Athens, Greece For All Budgets

By Alex Kallimanis: Athens is the oldest European capital and the birthplace of democracy. The city draws millions of visitors for world class sites like the Acropolis and great beaches around the country. As a dual Greek and American citizen, I’ve made many trips to Athens over the years and have stayed in a range…

view of the Acropolis from the Grand Bretagne Hotel in Athens

How to Spend the Perfect Week in Greece

By Alex Kallimanis: Greece conjures images of picturesque island hopping amid storied ancient sites. How to spend the perfect week in Greece is subjective. If you want to lie on the beach by day and party at night, visit Ios or Myknonos in summer. But this article assumes you want a wonderful blend of everything…

Bell walking along the marina in the town of Agia Anna in Naxos, Greece

5 Great Tips for Visiting Athens

By Alex Kallimanis: The capital of Greece is truly an all time classic. Athens is dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, like the Acropolis, which offers stunning views overlooking the city and Aegean Sea. Hospitable people, great food and wonderful scenery around the country have inspired me to make ten trips to Greece throughout my life….

Which hotel to stay in Athens?

Reasons Greece Should Be Your Next Vacation

Greece is a wonderful country to visit and we’re excited to be returning again next week! Being a dual Greek and American citizen, I may be a little biased, but nearly 30 million people visited Greece in 2016, which is home to just 11 million residents. Athens is Europe’s oldest city and offers a treasure…

Bell walking along the marina in the town of Agia Anna in Naxos, Greece

What Are the Best Olympic Cities to Visit?

Amid controversies over viruses, pollution, and doping, the 2016 Rio Olympics are underway. But for all the criticism and second guessing that Brazil has faced, once the games begin, the spotlight is where it should be: on the athletes and the culture of the host nation. Many also questioned whether Athens could pull off a…