Incredible Spanish Market Food in Barcelona


These images were captured at the La Boqueria market in the heart of Barcelona, right off the famed avenue of La Rambla. The food selection and quality in Barcelona is incredible, albeit there are definitely some places to give a miss. In general steer clear of eating at restaurants on La Rambla, but swinging into the market for some goodies is one of the exceptions. Just a word of caution with Spanish market food, do not touch the produce yourself! Leave it to them or you will be told off.

Spanish jamon hanging in the market
No trip to Spain is complete with indulging in succulent Spanish jamon. This stuff blows away American processed ham!



dates stuffed with chocolate
If you love chocolate, and you love dates…You’ll LOVE dates stuffed with chocolate.


Spanish market food - chocolates on display
So many delicious sweets to choose from…


lambs head and brains aren't for everyone
Switching gears…lambs head and brains aren’t for everyone. And you’ll need a kitchen here for this type of market fair!


Spanish market food - fresh fish display

Spanish market food
No matter how tempted you are to handle those mandarins yourself…leave it to the proprietor!
La Boqueria fruit stall

Spanish market food
If La Boqueria is too crowded, squeeze in for some cerveza relief over tapas or pinxtos.

La Boqueria entrance sign


2 thoughts on “Incredible Spanish Market Food in Barcelona

  1. Learning about Spanish culture goes hand in hand with learning the Spanish language (which I am currently trying to do). Your Spanish food market photos here are excellent – the one of the chocolate dated looks particularly mouthwatering!


    1. Thank you, J! Really glad you enjoyed the photos. Best of luck with learning Spanish! I know some basic Spanish and it’s of course super helpful when travelling in Spain or other Spanish speaking countries.

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