Venice, Italy: Tips to Have a Great Experience

By Alex Kallimanis: Amsterdam is often called “the Venice of the North,” and Mykonos has “Little Venice.” Venice has influenced other destinations with its beauty and through conquest during past generations. Venice was one of the world’s most powerful cities during the 1400s and the Venetians occupied territory around the Mediterranean. When you visit Venice…

Guy sitting in his gondola in Venice

Modena Food Tour: An Italian Culinary Mecca

By Alex Kallimanis: The Emilia-Romagna region is often considered the foodie capital of Italy. It’s home to authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, excellent charcuterie and truffles. It’s also the birthplace of bolognese sauce and mortadella (bologna in the United States). On my recent trip to Italy, where I flew roundtrip from Washington, DC to Bologna…

Alex with wall to wall parmesan cheese wheels

Tarpon Springs, Florida: Tips For Visiting

By Alex Kallimanis: Tarpon Springs, Florida, just 30 miles northwest of Tampa, has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any town in the United States. The area first saw a heavy wave of Greek immigrants in the early 1900’s, primarily from Dodecanese islands like Kalymnos. A wide variety of Greek restaurants, bakeries and good…

sunset kiss

5 Great Tips for Visiting Athens

By Alex Kallimanis: I’ve made eight trips to Greece since 1999. Beautiful scenery, hospitable people and great memories inspire us to return. It’s been interesting to witness Athens’ transformation over the years, and the city is as cool and well equipped for visitors as ever. Last year a record 30 million people traveled to Greece….

Which hotel to stay in Athens?