Tarpon Springs, Florida: Tips For Visiting

By Alex Kallimanis: Tarpon Springs, Florida, just 30 miles northwest of Tampa, has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any town in the United States. The area first saw a heavy wave of Greek immigrants in the early 1900’s, primarily from Dodecanese islands like Kalymnos. Sponges, as well as many delicious Greek restaurants, bakeries…

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5 Great Tips for Visiting Athens

By Alex Kallimanis: I’ve made eight trips to Greece since 1999. Beautiful scenery, hospitable people and great memories inspire us to return. It’s been interesting to witness Athens’ transformation over the years, and the city is as cool and well equipped for visitors as ever. Last year a record 30 million people traveled to Greece….

Which hotel to stay in Athens?

5 Reasons to Take Your Significant Other to the Alps

Guest contribution by Rebecca Crawford: When it comes to romance in Europe, there are a few things that immediately come to mind. Gondoliers in Venice, riding the London Eye and gazing over Paris from the Eiffel Tower. But there are some often-overlooked destinations that deserve discussion. When it comes to perfect places to bond with…

Puebla, Mexico: Awesome Value Anniversary Destination

Puebla overwhelmed us with charm for our 12 year wedding anniversary in March, 2017. A beautiful town formerly colonized by the Spanish, Puebla’s architecture dates back to the 1500’s. For North Americans, it’s like traveling to Spain without the jetlag. Puebla is also one of the foodie capitals of Mexico, along with Oaxaca and the…