Wonderful Stay in Central London at Premier Inn Waterloo

Last week I was in London for the second November in a row, for World Travel Market. WTM is the biggest tourism expo in the world held in an English speaking country. It’s a great event, but the best part about being in London for WTM, is just being in London. Soaking up the atmosphere of a city rich in centuries of history, great architecture and some of the best museums and galleries on Earth is fantastic. This year I had the opportunity to spend four nights at the Premier Inn London Waterloo, right across the street from County Hall and the London Eye, Europe’s tallest ferris wheel.

London Premier Inn Waterloo
I absolutely loved the view of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from the 11th floor of the Premier Inn Waterloo

I’ve previously visited London several times, but I’ve never stayed anywhere with such an iconic view of the London skyline. From my 11th floor room, the London Eye lit up the night sky, as did the famous Big Ben clocktower. During the day the opposite tower of the British Parliament was in clear view. Both towers of Westminster Abbey are also in view. Over the course of my stay, I continually admired the incredible view and the contrast between day and night.

Before London, I has been in Athens for the TBEX travel blogger conference. So I brought a part of Greece with me to enjoy in my room, with a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Along with the London skyline, it was a great welcome.

Premier Inn London Waterloo Offers Spacious and Comfortable Rooms

Premier Inn’s plush bed, comfortable pillows, spacious room and a relaxing hot shower were also welcoming. On previous stays in London I’ve sometimes found myself in very small rooms. I was thrilled to have lots of space at the Premier Inn London Waterloo. Both the bedroom and bathroom are spacious. It’s always nice not being packed like a tuna while showering. Especially since I’ve previously felt like that tuna on prior London stays.

Premier Inn- Sweets Wine

Since I'm scared of heights, I watched the ferris wheel vicariously from my room.
Amazing view of the London Eye from my 11th floor room at Premier Inn London Waterloo!

Close Proximity to London Public Transportation

I loved that the Premier Inn Waterloo is just a 5 minute walk from the bank of the Thames River. It’s a great spot to gaze across at the impressive UK Parliament. Being that Parliament is just a 10 minute walk from the hotel, it’s an extremely handy location for exploring all the magnificent attractions of London.

Many London attractions are walking distance. The rest can be conveniently reached via London’s famous tube. The Waterloo station is just a few minutes walk from Premier Inn London Waterloo. That offers direct access to 3 metro lines and the national rail service.

London’s tube stops are marked with the famous red circle, with a blue line dissecting the middle. Traveling on London’s underground is a quintessential part of London experience. As is hopping on a double decker bus and riding in an old fashioned black cab.

Big Ben in Black and White, London

London Attractions

Since I’m scared of heights, I did not ride the London Eye. I also have a fear of ferris wheels. I otherwise definitely would have given it a whirl being right across the street. The panoramic views of London would have been breathtaking. It’s too bad Bell wasn’t with me as she often manages to drag me on things that I’m dubious of, which usually ends up being very rewarding. In any event, I enjoyed gazing up at it during the day and at night, from my room and from just outside the hotel.

London Eye- Selfie

London Museums

London has a wealth of world class museums, many of which are free and on prior trips I loved visiting The Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert and the National Portrait Gallery. I re-visited the National Portrait Gallery one evening since it was open until 9pm and also decided I had to visit a museum I hadn’t previously toured, Tate Modern, the modern art museum. Tate was great for perusing some fantastic and unusual art and what also made the experience inspiring was witnessing so many art students drawing in front of portraits.

Borough Market

While touring Tate, I watched around 20 artists attempt to mimic art works. Nearby I visited one of London’s best and oldest outdoor markets, Borough Market, where I enjoyed a wonderful Ethiopian beef dish for lunch. Borough Market is famous for quality British and ethnic food and is a fantastic place for anyone who appreciates quality outdoor markets.

Borough Market in London

London's impressive National Portrait Gallery.
London’s impressive National Portrait Gallery.

Hyde Park

Another London first this trip was strolling through a portion of famous Hyde Park for the first time. Hyde Park is the largest park in London and is nearly the size of New York City’s Central Park. There’s a big lake in Hyde Park and the casual Serpentine Bar and Kitchen rests lakeside, making it a great place to grab a nibble or drink while enjoying a lovely and relaxing view.

Buckingham Palace

I re-visited Buckingham Palace at night and wondered whether the Queen was home that evening. I also hopped over to Piccadilly Circus, London’s equivalent to Times Square in New York and watched the advertising on the jumbotron light up the square, as double decker busses and black cabs continually rolled by. Nearby Chinatown bustles with a seemingly endless supply of Asian restaurants to choose from, and London’s Soho district is a diverse area with a variety of good pubs and restaurants.

There’s something for everyone in London and it’s truly one of the world’s greatest places for a city break! If you visit we certainly recommend a stay at the Premier Inn London Waterloo. Prices start at £87 ($136 USD) per night. That’s great bang for your buck in central London, with the entire city on your doorstep.

Premier Inn Bed
Thanks to Visit Britain and Visit London for their assistance with my stay, as well as the Premier Inn for hosting me for 4 nights! 


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4 thoughts on “Wonderful Stay in Central London at Premier Inn Waterloo

  1. Great shots of London. And you had an amazing view from your room – love it! I usually stay in hostels or with friends in London – hotels are often way too expensive. And like you say, even when you do find a reasonably priced one, you can be crammed into a tiny room. It’s a beautiful city though. And you really should give the London Eye a go. I’m not big on heights myself, but it’s oddly not that scary, because there’s a good solid floor and you’re enclosed. And the views from the top can be incredible!

    1. Thanks, Katie! Yes sometimes rooms in London can be tiny so I was impressed that I had so much space and comfort, both in the room and bathroom at the Premier Inn, in addition to the great view.

      Thanks for the tip about the London Eye! Next time I’m in London with Bell we’ll go on, it certainly way seems sturdier and more secure than most. Last time I was on a ferris wheel was with Bell in Amsterdam, during a festival where they had the wheel set up in Dam Square. Gorgeous views but I felt I was going to fall out of the thing given I was on the opposite side of Bell, weighed more and it was tipping heavily back! 😉

  2. Great photos and you were so close to everything. I know London should be on my bucket list but I have other warmer places to see first!! Thanks for the info

    1. Thanks! Yes you don’t go to London for the weather, but you can get some nice days in summer and even spring and fall. It’s certainly one of the greatest places on the planet for a city break, especially for native English speakers because it’s so easy to get around!

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