How to Spend One Week in Paris, London & Amsterdam

A week’s vacation in Paris, London and Amsterdam is a fantastic idea, especially for English-speaking beginners to European travel. London is the world’s grandest English-speaking city, making it easy to get around. Paris is one of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic cities, with so many highlights to dazzle your eyes and palate. Amsterdam is equally…

White church, a top a green hill and dusk sky in Paris

London, Brussels, Amsterdam: One Week Itinerary

By Alex Kallimanis: A week’s vacation in London, Brussels, and Amsterdam is a great idea, especially for beginners to European travel. London is the world’s grandest English speaking city. Brussels is the capital of the European Union, and offers one of Europe’s best culinary scenes. Amsterdam is the world’s most bicycle friendly city. Its quirky…

guild houses of the Groke Market, Brussels

Most Common Scams Around the World

We’ve lived around the United States, Europe, Australia and have traveled to 57+ countries. We know that people worldwide are generally good, but we’ve had some sketchy encounters with shady characters. Unfortunately, touristy locations can be breeding grounds for crimes or scams of opportunity. We’ve even personally seen unsuspecting tourists get conned in rigged games….

What Are the Best Olympic Cities to Visit?

Amid controversies over viruses, pollution, and doping, the 2016 Rio Olympics are underway. But for all the criticism and second guessing that Brazil has faced, once the games begin, the spotlight is where it should be: on the athletes and the culture of the host nation. Many also questioned whether Athens could pull off a…