Honeymoon Island, a top Florida beach

Like most people, we love the beach. But whether it is cold or sunny, it doesn’t matter for me. I just love sand, the waves and fresh air. The thought of being landlocked makes me nervous! And my favourite beach while we lived in Florida was Honeymoon Island, a top Florida beach for sure.

Belgian pee chocolate in Brussels!

Legend has it that many moons ago Brussels, Belgium was saved from fire by a little boy who extinguished the flames with his pee. The famous Mannequin Pis is one of the symbols of Brussels and Manneken Pis statue fountain frequently changes wardrobes. And if you wish, you can even sink your teeth into Belgian…

Is Oktoberfest in Dublin worth it?

It’s October and the weather is turning cold, but it’s not all bad news as giant German beers and authentic food have arrived in many places all over the world! Here in Dublin, a great German run Oktoberfest is under way, presented by Erdinger. And since the Germans run Irish finances, it’s only fitting they…