Cat in Amsterdam bread shop window

This cat in Amsterdam bread shop window wonders whether you want your loaf with or without sesame seeds? Can she get you a croissant today as well? While not the most efficient of workers, this feline assistant is prevalent in Dutch eateries, much to the dismay of many Americans.

Cat in Amsterdam bread shop window
We’re not sure this place made the list of best bakeries of Amsterdam, but Miss. Kitty makes certain there is no mouse poop in your Dutch bread.


2 thoughts on “Cat in Amsterdam bread shop window

    1. Haha- it’s Rosie’s Dutch doppelganger Kelly!…It’s pretty standard that Dutch businesses in old buildings have cats because there are mice problems. Strange coming from the US to find a cat or 2 roaming the pub restaurant you are eating at. The cats are good about not getting on the tables though…Strange that this cat is just laying on bread. We never shopped at this bakery 🙂

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