10 Unique Greek Peloponnese Experiences

The Peloponnese region of southern Greece offers an abundance of striking beauty. It’s home to ancient and modern wonders, from the birthplace of the Olympics to the Corinth Canal. Vast sandy beaches, lined with seaside resorts and delicious eateries, offer a vacation playground for couples and families. The former Venetian settlement of Nafplio was the original capital of modern Greece, when the nation re-gained independence after centuries of Turkish Ottoman rule. Here are some unique Greek Peloponnese experiences to consider for your travel plans!

Greek Spa Towns for a Fantastic Thermal Vacation

Last updated on March 10th, 2023 at 10:30 pmThe cradle of western civilization, Greece is an idyllic destination for beautiful beaches, an excellent culinary scene and inspiring history. Set amongst gorgeous landscapes, it’s also a fantastic country for natural thermal spas and springs. Bathing in thermal waters is both relaxing and rejuvenating, making it ideal…