Richmond, Virginia: Weekend Itinerary for Special Occasions

Richmond, Virginia is earning acclaim for its innovative culinary scene, which pairs well with unique American history and architecture dating to the 1700’s. The state capital of Virginia was also the capital of the Confederacy during the US Civil War. From the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to the Virginia State Capitol Building and beyond, there is…

Statue of Jefferson in the hotel lobby

5 Great Tips for Visiting Athens

By Alex Kallimanis: I’ve made eight trips to Greece since 1999. Beautiful scenery, hospitable people and great memories inspire us to return. It’s been interesting to witness Athens’ transformation over the years, and the city is as cool and well equipped for visitors as ever. Last year a record 30 million people traveled to Greece….

Which hotel to stay in Athens?

Reasons Greece Should Be Your Next Vacation

Greece is a wonderful country to visit and we’re excited to be returning again next week! Being a dual Greek and American citizen, I may be a little biased, but nearly 30 million people visited Greece in 2016, which is home to just 11 million residents. Athens is Europe’s oldest city and offers a treasure…

Palace of Knosos, Europe’s Oldest Civilization

Legendary myths and history collide at the oldest advanced civilization in the western world. The Palace of Knosos, just outside the largest city on Greece’s biggest island, Heraklion, Crete is unique and controversial. Originally discovered by the Cretan merchant Minos Kalokairinos in 1877, English aristocrat Sir. Arthur Evans’ team did the majority of excavations beginning in…