Commercial Flights to the Moon?

Normally this website focuses on travel options that currently exist. This post deviates from that. For years I’ve had my 50th birthday planned as I’m placing my highest confidence in increasingly improving technology and man’s pursuit of grandiose ideas. Will there be commercial flights to the moon? I sure hope so 16 years from now, otherwise my 50th will be have to spent on this planet!

flights to the Moon


Short of winning the lottery, which I hardly ever play, I’m not banking on being a millionaire in 16 years. So very expensive and exclusive moon travel by say, SpaceX, won’t work either. I’m hopeful for Ryanair style shuttles to the moon. Bell and I don’t have kids yet but we might and if we decided to bring them, the costs could really skyrocket. Plus, it would be fun to buy scratch off lottery tickets from flight attendants on the way to space.

So what might moon travel look like in 16 years? On a basic level, we’ll be shuttled up to a moon station where we’ll be able to walk around and kick some moon rocks. And perhaps take some souvenirs home along with snapping many photos to brag to our friends on EarthBook.

Ramada or Four Seasons Moon?

But I’m seriously hoping moon travel will be more advanced by that point. Hopefully the good space pioneers over at Red Bull can collaborate with some hotel and restaurant chains. I’d love to be able to fly up, kick some rocks around and enjoy a Frapuchino at Starbucks while gazing out the cafe window back at Earth. I imagine I’ll be a little jet lagged from the flight through space and want to go and take a nap in my room at the Ramada Moon. Like I said, I’m not planning to be rich so I won’t be staying at the Four Seasons.

Moon Monorail to Chili’s?

In the evening it will be dinner time. I look forward to catching the Moon Monorail over to Chilli’s to enjoy some sizzling fajitas and margaritas. Fortunately, I’m not an environmental freak so I won’t care that nothing is locally sourced. Though maybe I should be careful with the booze, I imagine drinking too much on the Moon at 50 might be pretty nasty the next day. Especially if I have to fly back home.

But if there are any delays, don’t expect any meal vouchers. If airlines on Earth stop giving them for delays, don’t expect them during space travel!

Moon Margaritas to Celebrate a 60th Birthday?

Perhaps this is all a bit…I don’t want to use the word “irresponsible” because that’s not it…far fetched. Maybe I’m jumping the gun here. If that’s the case I suppose I could settle for having those Moon margaritas and fajitas for my 60th birthday.

Perhaps this is what the future of travel will look like. If you could travel to the moon, would you? And what kinds of activities would you like to partake in?

flights to the Moon


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12 thoughts on “Commercial Flights to the Moon?

    1. The hotel room will be fun. Will be great to see the TV remote floating around. I imagine showering will be tricky though!

  1. LOL! “I need cheap Ryanair style shuttles to the moon to make this happen.” True that!
    Honestly, I think I’d be too scared to travel into space. I’d need to see it happening for a few years before I’d trust the technology enough. But I do wish I was brave enough! I hope I’m around long enough to see space travel really take off.

    1. Ryanair should test their commercial flights to the moon by sending an entire plane of monkeys first. They’d of course have to then give the shuttle a thorough cleaning afterwards. It will be indeed be fun to buy the Ryanair scratch off tickets outside the Earth’s atmosphere… I get what you’re saying about needing to see it happen for a few years Marissa. Allows ticket prices to come down too!

  2. I have no interest in travelling to the moon. There is plenty here on earth to make me happy and besides I really just want to read in the park while I am in my 70’s with a nice drink of course. Thank you for reminding me of the places I do not want to go!!!

    1. Certainly Moon travel is not for everyone. My father’s neighbor in Florida hasn’t been further than South Carolina and has no interest to travel outside the American confederacy. Some people don’t care to leave home, let alone throw on a space suit. Not sure as a society we are meant to have mass travel to the moon, but we will I’m sure!

  3. I haven’t been to Antarctica either so perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself with Moon travel. If there is no Moon city in 16 years perhaps a visit to frolick with the penguins will be in order. I am a man of simple pleasures, even if I do find the idea of cocktails on the Moon desirable 😉

    1. Glad you’re on board Suzy! We should all petition Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary about this. That man would charge his own mother to print her boarding pass to make a few extra bucks.

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