Funny Kuala Lumpur Photos: No Kissing and No Spitting!

Everywhere we go, Alex in particular is always on the lookout for quirky photos that encapsulate part of a place, or are just a random one off aspect of it (Bell on the other hand sometimes cringes at what I snap, and wonders how she knows me). Without further ado, here are some funny Kuala Lumpur photos!

Malaysian ice cream shop, funny kuala lumpur photos

This is a bit of a paradox- so you have a date, unfortunately you apparently got gas from the ice cream you ate…And you still want to eat the ice cream….because?

Malaysian bank advertising, funny kuala lumpur photos

This is a bank advertisement. 3 out of the 4 slogans here are worthy of interest in their own right, but I particularly love the imagery of “Milk Your Dream.” Former American president, and war criminal, George W. Bush, received an MBA many moons ago and I can just imagine his Malaysian banking counterpart coming up with this one…Families are where our nation finds hope. So go milk your dream!

Kuala Lumpur train warning, no kissing!

Singapore is famous for no gum chewing, but this Kuala Lumpur train warning also makes it clear that everyone needs to leave the hanky panky outside of public display. Apparently MTV’s “Teen Mom” isn’t as big in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur Hotel, no Durian fruit!, funny kuala lumpur photos

The world’s smelliest fruit (and to a westerner, not in a good way), the Durian, is a delicacy in Malaysia and can be found in food markets all over the country. But not everyone is keen on the intense smell which can incredibly seep into the room next to yours, so you’ll see pretty much every hotel asking you not to bring them on the premises. Unfortunately, not everyone respects these warnings and we were shocked to be relaxing in a nice hotel room to then be suddenly inundated by the smell of the infamous Durian! There are other places to eat Durian, like, outside. The mangosteen fruit is banned because it leaks purple and can make a mess, so that’s fun in its own right.


Kuala Lumpur airport water fountain, funny kuala lumpur photos

On the one hand, not spitting on the drinking water is usually a good idea. On the other, does water leakage from your mouth count as spitting? If so, this is challenging!


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8 thoughts on “Funny Kuala Lumpur Photos: No Kissing and No Spitting!

  1. the “ooh my gas” name and photos don’t look very appetizing haha! and the ‘no indecent’ behavior–gosh, no PDA’s huh! but it might have been tempting to hold hands and gaze into each others eyes and see if the kissing police will arrest you 😉

    1. Haha Jean, no, the slogan “ooh my gas” certainly doesn’t make me want to buy…anything 😉 Being “Wanderlust Marriage” it might have been tempting to push the envelope of affection on the train, and if the kissing police didn’t catch us, we would have certainly attracted attention, in the wrong way!

    1. Yes indeed wise monkey, when I was younger I always wondered why so many Asians took so many photos in the USA. Now I know, because it’s certainly equally foreign to them when they visit western countries!

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