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Singapore is a diverse  city filled with many contrasts. Largely because of its colonial past the nation’s first language is English, but most residents are of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian decent and do not speak English in their homes. So unfortunately many speak their official language a little poorly. But it’s a great city for English speakers to visit because it’s easy to get around. Whether you go for high end shopping or a low budget cultural experience, Singapore has you covered. As you peruse the city you’ll stumble on an amazing variety of things, with that here are some funny Singapore pictures of some strange things we discovered.

No Durian Fruit in Hotels

No durian fruit in Singapore
There is an incredibly smelly fruit that’s prevalent in Southeast Asia called Durian (kinda like a rotten grape). This place let’s us know it’s ok to smoke, but not to eat that fruit on the premises.

English Spelling Errors are Common in Marketing

weird Singapore chip advertisement, funny Singapore pictures
There are a few things wrong here. Just a wee problem is that “Ireland’s proverb” implies this is the national proverb (it isn’t even an Irish proverb at all). And clearly potato should come before marriage.

Average Toilets

bathroom in Singapore, funny Singapore pictures
I actually thought it was above average, but perhaps that’s not as catchy.

Singapore 7-11 Mashed Potato Machine

7-11 in Singapore, funny Singapore pictures
Speaking of potatoes! I definitely would have checked these out if I wasn’t lactose intolerant. Great initiative 7-11 Singapore! Perhaps Singapore needs their own Irish proverb regarding potatoes.

3 Packs of Beer in Singapore

Singapore airport duty free
What the hell? Every country surprises you with something. Immediately upon entering Singapore airport you are given an option to purchase duty free for cheaper than what you will pay in the city. Alcohol is expensive in Singapore so buy ahead, especially if you’re planning a bender…And apparently 3 packs of beer are popular. Strange and practical at the same time.

Singapore Accommodation

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