A Guide to Having Fun in Baltimore!

We frequently travel from Boston to Washington, D.C for work. Recently we spent a great weekend in Baltimore, just 38 miles north of D.C. Living in Boston, we’re spoiled for American history, but we still left Baltimore extremely impressed. Baltimore was founded in 1729 and is packed with areas of historical interest and delicious food…

USS Constellation in Baltimore Inner Harbor

Barcelona Card Worth it to Explore the City?

Planning a trip to Barcelona and wondering whether the Barcelona Card is worth buying? We recently visited Barcelona for an academic conference and our 9 year wedding anniversary, in a lovely stay that totaled 6 days. When not working, we had a fantastic time exploring inspiring Gaudi’s magnificent architecture, beautiful art and enjoying delicious food….

Kilmainham Jail, best political history lesson in Dublin

The history of Ireland has been a turbulent one. 700 years of English occupation effectively ended in 1922 when the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed. This paved the way for Irish Independence following a 2 and 1/2 year resistance movement against British rule. The treaty was divisive among Irish people because it left 6 northern counties…

Kilmainham Jail, where 'In the Name of the Father' was filmed