Top Electric Vehicle-Friendly Road Trips in Australia

Going on an extended road trip with an electric vehicle may seem challenging. But it is a perfectly viable alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

This is especially true in Australia—where 2023 witnessed a 70% rise in public EV infrastructure around the country.

Having said that, Australia’s land mass is enormous. You can drive for many miles without seeing a single car—much more a service station or an EV charging port—the farther you are from the city.

On top of that, rural roads can get quite untamed. You could end up driving past dusty tracks, manoeuvre around wildlife (or roadkill), or narrowly avoid sleepy and reckless drivers.

With all that said, that’s part of the adventure. The beauty of Australia is not something one should miss for the world. This is true for both locals and tourists alike. 

And while having an electric vehicle may feel limiting, you still have a wide range of places you can visit with this car.

If you are planning to go on a road trip around Australia with an electric vehicle, here are some top road trip routes that you should consider for your next journey around the country.

Let’s have a look!

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1. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is renowned for its dramatic cliff faces, its majestic sea views, and its breathtaking natural limestone formations. Besides that, there are nearby redwood forests, towering waterfalls, and cosy coastal towns that are definitely worth a stroll and a visit.

With the sheer amount of sights to behold on the Great Ocean Road, this road trip route is among the best ones Australia has to offer. In fact, this 243-kilometre stretch of road is often heralded as the most popular road trip destination in the entire country.

Given its acclaim, as well as its proximity to Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous city, it’s fair to assume that there are many public EV stations for EV drivers to charge up when needed. 

That said, many EVs have a range higher than double the length of the road—leaving no need to recharge at all. 

But if you plan to do a multi-day road trip around this area, most coastal towns like Apollo Bay and Warrnambool have public charging stations provided by Evie Networks and Tesla.

2. Brisbane to Port Tribulation

Over in Queensland—the northeastern side of Australia—is a road trip adventure that showcases Pacific Coast goodness. Well-organised EV drivers don’t have to worry about losing battery when driving here, as there are several public EV networks along this route that have been recently installed by the Queensland government.

This road trip destination passes through the Pacific Coast Way, an 1800-kilometre network of roads. This long route rewards visitors with some of Australia’s most iconic natural wonders like the jaw-dropping Great Barrier Reef and the ancient Daintree Forest.

Starting at the city of Brisbane, drive north until the dramatic cityscape turns to charming beachside towns like the Sunshine Coast. From there, you’ll pass by even more coastal towns like Noosa, Bundaberg, Townsville, Mission Beach, and then eventually Cairns. 

In Cairns, you can enjoy bustling markets and plenty of beaches (if you haven’t had enough of them already!). And of course, this town is the gateway to the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef. So it is paradise for diving and snorkeling.

But the trip isn’t over yet. After resting up and refuelling in one of many EV charging stations in the city, head north to the Daintree Forest to feel the cosy embrace of the green canopy. From there, it’ll be just a short drive to Port Tribulation—the last and satisfying leg of the long journey.

3. Tasmania’s East Coast

A lot of Australians overlook Tassie as a road trip destination, particularly because of its separation from the mainland. But the reality is it’s one of the most geographically and naturally diverse regions in the entire country. 

When planned properly, Tasmania could very well be the best road trip destination in Australia.

To kick off, start at Hobart and work your way up from the eastern side to Launceston. This route will take just 220 kilometres, but the wide range of sights and places you will see is remarkable. 

Enjoy a romantic meal on the water in Hobart over looking boats and the mountains
Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and an entry point to discover more of the beautiful island.

From the Wineglass Bay lookout and rugged cliffs in Freycinet National Park to charming towns like Swansea and Bicheno, many places are worth visiting in this region.

Further up north is the Bay of Fires, a stunning white sandy beach with a distinct orange rock formation. Be sure to stop by for sunset (or sunrise) to see the magnificent spectacle of the lights reflecting off the granite rocks.

From there, make your way west and you’ll arrive at the town of Launceston, which will formally conclude the journey, lest you plan to charge up and undertake a Lap of Tasmania.

EV drivers don’t have to worry when driving around Tasmania. The territory’s EV infrastructure is rapidly growing, especially over the last few years. 

In fact, the state has 36 EV charging ports—which is more than plenty considering its relatively smaller size compared to the mainland. So if you want to enjoy the smooth ride provided only by an EV like the Tesla Model 3, consider renting one with comprehensive Tesla insurance.

4. Grand Pacific Drive

Short, sweet, but spectacular is the Grand Pacific Drive. This is a kick-off road trip for many road-tripping enthusiasts due to its 140-kilometre distance and proximity to Sydney, the most populated city in Australia. 

Picture of rocks and the ocean, with cityscape off in the background
Bondi to Coogee Beach, Australia Coastal Walk just outside Sydney, Australia.

The journey starts in Sydney. Driving south for about an hour from the CBD, you enter the Royal National Park, an expansive park with family beaches and scenic coastal trails like the Wedding Cake Rock trail. 

Further south, you’ll pass by the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Continuing on, Wollongong, Kiama, and Berry are some towns you are likely to visit during this journey. They can serve as leisurely break spots, where you can enjoy sitting by the pier or eating some local food.

Then, before the day ends, you can head back to the city. Given its short distance, a fully-charged EV has the range to undertake this road trip and return back with some kilometres to spare. 

But if your range has taken quite a hit, don’t worry, there are many towns along the way with public EV charging ports like Wollongong.

5. Fleurieu Peninsula

Another great journey that starts from a state’s capital city is a road trip to the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

Driving from Adelaide for about an hour, you’ll be met with beautiful beaches, towering cliffs, and some of the country’s best wine regions.

You can choose to cruise through Victor Harbor, Goolwa, and Port Elliot—three scenic towns with plenty of shopping, coastal trekking, and eating options. They also are home to some galleries that feature the work of local artists, including Aboriginal artists.

If you’re even just slightly interested in wine culture, a trip to McLaren Vale is a must. You can sample the freshest Shiraz and Grenache wines in wine-tasting sessions held in eateries by the vineyard.

The Barossa Valley, just outside Adelaide, South Australia is one of nation’s finest wine regions.

People can also enjoy the many beaches scattered around the peninsula. Consider visiting Sellicks Beach for some white sand action. Alternatively, you can visit national parks like Granite Island Recreation Park for some coastal walks.

Considering the peninsula’s closeness to Adelaide, you’ll likely not consume the entire range of your EV on a day trip. That said, the towns have public EV charging options so you’re safe to lounge around an area for a moment without worrying about draining your car’s battery juice.

6. Perth to Kalgoorlie

Western Australia may not be the most frequented region by locals and tourists, but don’t let its quiet status fool you: this territory has 98 public EV charging ports and counting. And one of the most iconic road trip routes is Perth to the historically rich town of Kalgoorlie.

This road trip starts at the biggest WA city in Perth. Drive through the Darling Range and then into the Wheatbelt region, where you’ll be surrounded by classic Australian bushland from left to right.

Between these two cities are a couple of small towns that are worth visiting, namely Mundaring and the Southern Cross. Karalee Rocks and the Boorabbin National Park may be worth a stopover if you’re planning a multi-day trip.

Red earth starts to unveil itself as you approach Kalgoorlie. This city was a gold-mining town in the past. Today it is home to the Museum of the Goldfields and the Super Pit lookout.

This road trip is not frequently travelled, much more so with an EV, making it a unique experience that you should see to believe.

Happy travels!


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