Fragrance Travel Tips to Elevate a Getaway

Planning a romantic getaway? Or perhaps a bachelor, bachelorette or honeymoon trip? If so, you will want to look and feel your best. Our sense of smell is one of our keenest instincts, so fragrances like baccarat Rouge 540 dupe can enhance the mood. If you travel with perfumes or colognes, here are important things to keep in mind!

Carry on Travel Requirements

TSA has a 3-1-1 rule regarding liquids in carry on bags. So you will only be able to pack small bottles of fragrances in a clear plastic bag. Otherwise, pack your perfumes or colognes in a checked bag.

TSA requirements allow travelers to pack a variety of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes no greater than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) per container. Travelers are allowed up to one quart-sized bag per passenger, which can equal around nine 3.4-ounce containers.

So be sure to plan ahead. For shorter tips, it can be more economical and convenient to bypass checking a bag. This saves money and time not having to wait for your luggage at the baggage carousel, as well as worrying about it being possibly delayed following a tight connection. It also means you have access to everything you need on the airplane.

Fortunately, most fragrance bottles come in sizes between 30ml – 100ml. But the bigger the bottle, the more difficult it is to pack all your liquids into one quart sized plastic bag. So plan accordingly.

Be Mindful of Your Duty Free Before Security Screening

If you are traveling to certain countries like the United States from overseas and have a connecting flight, you will have to clear another round of security screening. After clearing United States immigration and customs, you have to collect your luggage from baggage claim and place it back on the belt for another security check.

If you have purchased duty free overseas, this is the time to place large liquids in your checked bag. I have seen US security confiscate duty free Scotch whiskey worth hundreds of dollars from an understandably upset traveler. While perfume and cologne bottles are smaller, a large purchase can violate maximum liquid rules. So be sure not to have security confiscate your fragrances and other valuable liquids!

France is considered the Fragrance Capital of the World

France is the fragrance capital of the world, as it is the home base of many fragrance companies. Home to the Eiffel Tower and ritzy Champs-Élysées, Paris is renown for being a preeminent romantic getaway destination. Paris is also a wonderful destination to explore the world of fragrances.

A glass pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum after it has just rained

Grasse, in southern France near Nice, is another perfume industry mecca. Grasse is often considered the perfume capital of the world, as many fragrance companies are based there.

Consider taking a perfume creation workshop during a trip to France. These workshops allow people to make their own custom perfumes catering to individual preferences. The sessions can be an excellent itinerary addition to a romantic getaway, honeymoon or bachelorette weekend.

On a side note, a bicycle tour of Paris is one of the best ways to experience the city. Just be sure to spray on a nice fragrance if you plan to have lunch or drinks immediately after exploring the City of Lights by bicycle.

Types of Fragrances

Fragrances tend to fall into the categories of Floral, Woody, Fresh and Oriental. Preferences vary depending on the individual. So it is a good idea to know which type of fragrances best elevate your senses. If you are not sure yet, you can sample various fragrances at airport duty free shops. Or just head to your local department store fragrance counter, and sample the products.

Floral perfumes include the scents of various flowers like rose, violet, lily and jasmine.  Floral scents are most frequently found in women’s fragrances, but they are sometimes used in men’s as well. These scents are especially well suited for spring and summer.

The Fresh scent bucket encompasses citrus, herb and ocean scents. Spicy notes are often paired with fresh scents, which creates a more robust fragrance. Fresh scents are more frequently found in men’s colognes compared to women’s perfumes.

Oriental fragrances consist of rich alluring scents that can be softened with amber or sweet notes. They often include heady notes of herbs and spices. Oriental fragrances are considered a seductive scent, so they can be ideal for a fun night out while traveling.

Woody fragrances blend scents like sandalwood and patchouli with drier notes like cedar. Sometimes floral or fresh notes like citrus can be mixed with woody scents to tone down their warmth. Woody fragrances are sometimes described as bitter or coniferous.

Bon Voyage

If you are traveling with fragrances, you may want to keep them in your carry on bag, in a clear quart sized plastic bag. Especially during a long overseas trip, a couple sprays can make a world of difference to yourself and those sitting next to you on the airplane. Avail of duty free samples to better know your fragrance preferences between Floral, Woody, Fresh and Oriental scents. And consider a trip to the fragrance capital of France to discover the depths and nuances of a centuries old industry!


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