Publish Your Wanderlust Marriage Travel Story!

We defineĀ Wanderlust Marriage Travel as “a love of exploring the world with your partner in life.” As technology has expanded travel and remote work opportunities, more people than ever have the opportunity to spend longer on the road. Barring something catastrophic, travel growth is not likely to change anytime soon. We view an increased emphasis on exploring other cultures over material possessions as a movement, and if you share the same vision, we would love the opportunity to publish your Wanderlust Marriage Travel story!

A romantic moment on the Great Wall of China

Brasov, Transylvania, Romania, romantic moment from above

You don’t have to travel all the time. You don’t even need to be married on paper- it’s love in spirit that counts. All lifestyles are welcome. Below are the questions to consider. You can skip a few of them. We’re pretty laid back around here.

Maybe you want to reflect on the time that you sipped cocktails on a tropical beach together? Or maybe it was a cruise, adventurous jungle trek or backpacking across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia or the Americas together. We live in a fast paced world and it’s important to take a step back and transport your mind to a perfect moment…

Archachon sunset, beach in France

1) Where did you first meet?

2)Do you have a favorite trip?

3)Does your job require you to travel? If so, does your partner or family come along?

4)What are your favorite aspects of travel?

5)Can you share an example of a major argument you had while traveling?

6)How do you resolve conflict on the road?

7) Who plans your itinerary and how do you balance each others needs?

8) Do you still travel solo on occasion?

9) Why do you feel travel is important?

Please include a short bio that you’d like to share with the travel community and email [email protected]. Links to businesses are welcome, as long as the interview is authentic. A couple high resolution travel images are required to be featured, one being a photo together as a couple or family. We look forward to reading your Wanderlust Marriage Travel story! And for our single readers, check out our article on what to expect when looking for love in foreign countries.


  • Alex&Bell

    Alex and Bell originally met while solo traveling after finishing university in 2002, in Brugge, Belgium. Alex grew up in the USA and Bell hails from Australia. During our nearly 20 year marriage we've lived around the world, including spending six years living in the Netherlands and Ireland. We have traveled to nearly 70 countries and enjoy giving readers authentic and quality travel tips. Alex is an award winning travel journalist and travel planner, who also freelances for other outlets. Bell is an award winning PhD scientist who currently works for a non-profit lung cancer advocacy research organization called Lungevity. Happy travels and if you have any questions leave a comment or drop an email!

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8 thoughts on “Publish Your Wanderlust Marriage Travel Story!

    1. Thanks, Brianna! We would love to feature you and your husband’s story if you’re interested in sharing it!

    1. Hi Sara. While we don’t have children yet, we know family travel can be deeply enriching. Bell and I were both brought up traveling as kids (in the US and Australia respectively), and it’s a passion we’ve held on to. When we were kids it was mostly road trips and camping, as that’s typically more affordable for most families who travel.

      Great job showing your children the world. It’s a great education and it’s something they will most likely remain passionate about as adults!

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