Hungarian Cuisine: Advice for Dining in Budapest

We were recently in Budapest and enjoyed a number of meals around town. Traditional Hungarian cooking is typically rich and meat-centric. There are some great deals to be found in Budapest, meals that would normally cost around 20 to 30 euro in Western Europe, will cost you around 10 euros.

Tip on Ordering Wine in Budapest

Pay attention when ordering wine in Budapest. The price listed will often be for one deciliter, but they will likely pour you a double without clarifying. Outside this cheeky move, eating out in Budapest is fun. Below are some recommendations for eating out in Budapest.

Kat Szerecsen

Ket Szerecsen-currently ranked #13 on Tripadvisor out of over 1,000 restaurants in Budapest. Great food, relaxed ambiance and good prices. It’s overall great value and we definitely recommend it.

recommendations for dining in Budapest
Hungarian veal stew topped with a rich helping of sour cream, with a side of delicious egg barley noodles.

Hungarikum Bisztro

Hungarikum Bisztro– currently ranked #9 in Budapest on Tripadvisor. Best prices of anywhere we sat down to eat in Budapest, with the dish pictured below only costing €7 (under $10 US). The restaurant featured live music, friendly service and cute red and white checker cloth covered tables.

recommendations for dining in Budapest
A gargantuan helping of fried veal medallions with garlic potatoes.

Borkonyha Wine Kitchen

Borkonyha Wine Kitchen– currently ranked #5 on Tripadvisor. A more upscale dining experience. Beautifully presented food at reasonable prices. The portions are not big but sufficient. The wine list is extensive and there are some great options for low prices.

recommendations for dining in Budapest
Chicken breast medallions with sliced asparagus, atop a thick bed of black lentils

Tarnok Eszpresszo

Tarnok Eszpresszo offers great food in Budapest’s Old Town. It is a reasonably priced restaurant with some great Hungarian dishes.

Tárnok utca 14,Budapest

recommendations for dining in Budapest
Scrumptious baked goose leg with a side of white rice and cooked sweet apple slices

recommendations for dining in BudapestHungarian beef goulash with boiled potatoes
recommendations for dining in Budapest
A table view at Hungarikum Bisztro. Veal and garlic potatoes with a side of white cabbage. It washed down great with a smooth Hungarian Dreher lager.

recommendations for dining in Budapest
Melt in your mouth pork belly with red cabbage and garlic potato cake(Ket Szerecsen)



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