Great I-95 Road Trip Stops from Orlando to Boston

Among the highlights of an I-95 road trip along the east coast of the US is the Atlantic coast of Florida, Georgia’s Barrier Islands, Savannah and Washington, DC, among other destinations. The distance from Orlando to Boston is 1,285 miles and google estimates 20 hours and 40 minutes of driving. Plan for it to take…

5 Things to Do in NYC For Sports Fanatics

When it comes to sports, New York City is unrivaled. Baseball, basketball, football, horse racing, tennis and a variety of other sports have a long history in the city. New York City is a terrific tourist destination for sports fans to enjoy a variety of activities. New York City offers a treasure trove of delights…

Travel Conferences Around the World

We’ve attended many travel conferences over the years, from Athens, Greece to Billings, Montana. Due to the pandemic, the past year has seen many travel conferences either get cancelled or reinvent themselves by temporarily going virtual. There are many travel conferences, expos and markets around the world for travelers and the travel industry. Some conferences…

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Great Destinations to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a great year round destination for travelers in the Mid-Atlantic. We recently lived in Washington, DC for 4 years and enjoyed taking many trips to the Keystone State (nicknamed that for its essential role in the founding of the US). Philadelphia even served as the capital of the country between 1790 and 1800….

The exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater with the fall foliage and waterfalls