Hanging with Aussie animals- Day trip to Ballarat Wildlife Park, Australia

I’m from a town called Ballarat, which is located just over an hours drive from Melbourne, Australia. When Alex and I were visiting Australia we decided to spend an afternoon hanging with Aussie animals at the Ballarat Wildlife Park. Before arriving, Alex asked how big the park was. I hadn’t been there in well over…

Cat in Amsterdam bread shop window

This cat in Amsterdam bread shop window wonders whether you want your loaf with or without sesame seeds? Can she get you a croissant today as well? While not the most efficient of workers, this feline assistant is prevalent in Dutch eateries, much to the dismay of many Americans. We’re not sure this place made…

The national coffee of Greece, the Frappe

Greeks get a bad rap for being lazy- wasting away their days drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. That’s actually largely untrue, as Greeks are tied with Austrians for working the longest hours in Europe. The propaganda against Greeks is a whole other story though. This post is about the national coffee of Greece, the frappe….

Honeymoon Island, a top Florida beach

Like most people, we love the beach. But whether it is cold or sunny, it doesn’t matter for me. I just love sand, the waves and fresh air. The thought of being landlocked makes me nervous! And my favourite beach while we lived in Florida was¬†Honeymoon Island, a top Florida beach for sure.

Belgian pee chocolate in Brussels!

Legend has it that many moons ago Brussels, Belgium was saved from fire by a little boy who extinguished the flames with his pee. The famous Mannequin Pis is one of the symbols of Brussels and Manneken Pis statue fountain frequently changes wardrobes. And if you wish, you can even sink your teeth into Belgian…