Crazy Singapore Photos are a Southeast Asian Delight

Last week we did a post that included funny and interesting pictures from Singapore. But in a country so diverse, culturally different and with such strict rules, we felt there should be a sequel on this small nation in southeast Asia, this time on scary and crazy Singapore photos. As to not be too culturally insensitive, not all un-scary photos are “crazy,” it just makes for a good headline.

Entry stamp into Singapore, crazy Singapore photos
We flew into Singapore from Australia on Emirates airlines. As we were about to land, one of the flight attendants announced that Emirates was obligated to warn us that drug possession is met with capital punishment in Singapore. In other words, if you had any weed in your pocket, that was the time to go the bathroom and flush it down the toilet! You even get one of these fun little entry cards on the plane that immigration stamps upon entry into the country. If you’re traveling to Singapore, just say no to drugs kids. You ain’t in Amsterdam anymore.

Chinatown kids in Singapore, crazy Singapore photos
Chinatown in Singapore. I couldn’t resist following them for a minute to candidly get the “right” shot to include in a crazy Singapore photos post. Not sure what’s going on with this Fuchun field trip, being guided by a young middle school teacher in the black t-shirt who hasn’t fully grown up herself. We all had this teacher back in the day and it’s great to see this transcend cultures.

Foul medames, crazy Singapore photos
If I’m paying 8 Singapore dollars for medames, I prefer they not be foul. Saucy medames can be quite pleasant however.

Asian squat toilet, crazy Singapore photos
Squat toilets are the local norm in Southeast Asia and the Middle East- they’re usually b.y.o. toilet paper too so be prepared. Luckily Singapore has a mixed bag of toilets and here I found toilet paper was provided at this shopping mall squat. I understand why some people don’t want to sit on a public toilet, but how do you tactically navigate this thing if you have the runs?

Burger King advertising, crazy Singapore photos
Speaking of toilets, it’s great to find a taste of home while abroad. The Burger King in Singapore airport shows us everything we will discover in the city, before setting foot outside. Thanks BK.

Singapore bacon, crazy Singapore photos
Singapore has phenomenal bacon which is seriously a must to try. But this bacon shop was ironically dead given the sign posted out the front boasting of its legacy and long queues.

Buddhist afterlife items, crazy Singapore photos
Buddhists believe in an afterlife, but unlike Christianity you need to pack your own things apparently. Times have changed and now you can even buy fake wireless “iPods” to throw in the casket of a loved one. Apparently a wireless iPod plays music in the afterlife.

Singapore garbage, crazy singapore photos
As a proud American, I’m going to give these Singaporeans the benefit of the doubt. They obviously could not keep everything from their exciting 4th of July celebration. And at least it’s not burnt.

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