Better Photos, Security and Comfort on Your Travels

By Alex Kallimanis: Traveling this summer? Great travel photos, a peaceful night’s rest and not getting your things stolen are a few important things on the road. Here are some ways to take better photos, along with increasing security and comfort on your travels! The following are all products that we personally use. Cameras We…

anti-theft backpack with USB port

Funny Photos of Oslo, Norway

  A couple of years ago I made a brief journey to Oslo, the most expensive place in the universe outside the space station. A country where 1 single bed in a 4 person shared hostel room, at the dumpiest place in town, set me back the equivalent of €35 ($50 USD), complete with a…

Vigeland sculpture park, funny photos of Oslo

Crazy Singapore Photos

Last week we published an article that included funny and interesting pictures from Singapore. But in a country so cultural diverse, and with such strict rules, we felt there should be a sequel. As to not be too culturally insensitive, not all un-scary photos are crazy Singapore photos, it just makes for a good headline….

Entry stamp into Singapore

Interesting and funny Singapore Pictures

Singapore is a diverse  city filled with many contrasts. Largely because of its colonial past the nation’s first language is English, but most residents are of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian decent and do not speak English in their homes. So unfortunately many speak their official language a little poorly. But it’s a great city for…

No durum fruit in Singapore