Awesome Portable Charger Giveaway for Subscribers

Want to win an awesome portable charger? We’re running a portable charger giveaway! Just let us know about a travel item you can’t leave home without for a chance to win.

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What Travel Item Can You Not Leave Home Without?

This is what we would like to know in the comments section. In the old days, this might have been a compass (maybe it still is). Maybe you’re an avid bird watcher or travel for sporting events or concerts. Your answer can be a portable charger or anything else travel related. Give us a reason why to be eligible to win the portable charger giveaway!

Portable Charger Giveaway

myCharge offers a huge selection of fast and lightweight portable chargers. We have been using their Hubplus during our current travels through beautiful Mexico. The Hubplus can fully charge mobile devices up to four times without charging. So this is not only great for travel, but also for attending festivals, camping and many other activities where you can’t plug in.

MyCharge’s Hubplus is a rechargeable 6700mAh portable charger that’s great for charging tablets, smartphones & USB devices. At just half a pound, the device is extremely lightweight so it’s perfect to throw in your pursue or backpack. Retail value of the Hubplus charger is $79.99.

You must comment by Wednesday, March 29th. We’ll then put the names of subscribers who left a comment on this post into a randomized prize generator. We’ll notify the winner on Friday, March 31st. The winner will then have until Friday, April 7th to confirm a myCharge portable charger selection and shipping address. If the winner does not confirm within 7 days of notification, we will redraw for a winner. Mycharge can only ship to US addresses, so we apologize to readers this may exclude. This portable charger giveaway has up to a $100 value!


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22 thoughts on “Awesome Portable Charger Giveaway for Subscribers

  1. I won’t go on a trip without my iPhone 7+. I get a local SIM card upon arrival and then I’m set up to navigate foreign cities with Google Maps and to communicate with locals with Google Translate. If I don’t feel like walking around weighed down by my Nikon D800 with its 24-120 lens, I just use the iPhone’s camera with the ProCamera app. Not as versatile as the Nikon but a lot less conspicuous and a lot less burdensome.

  2. I would normally say my camera would be my have to have on a trip. However, in recent years I would have to say my Ice machine. Sad I know.

  3. Usually I travel with Dennis and/or Mickey. They’re both organized and completely at home with all the technical challenges of today’s traveler. I’m the one that did all the reading up and planning in advance, so when the trip starts, I rely on my companions to keep me from getting lost or disconnected or going broke. Which, if I am honest, seems to be a good reason not to need an awesome portable charger. But I’m sure Dennis and/or Mickey would disagree on my behalf 🙂
    It’s wonderful that you’re taking the trouble of doing this giveaway thing. Nice gesture to your fans. You guys are the best.

  4. Underwear, I find it’s pretty necessary. I know I could just buy some when I get where ever I’m going, but then I have to wash it before I wear it and who wants to do laundry on vacation? Not this girl.

  5. I never had, or wanted, a fancy mobile phone. A phone was to call with in case of an emergency. Or to let the parents know you made it somewhere in one piece. But since I got one, I can’t, for the life me, come up with one good reason why I never wanted one. I have a great photo camera that travels with me, to take photo’s of the Wish I Was There team in action. But now with my phone I can take those quick, funny and sometimes hilarious photo’s or video’s. But, darn, does that empty your battery quick. But I am old school: when the fun is over, the fun is over. And in a way that is good. Because then you can enjoy in a different way. Namely just absorbing the beauty around you. Take in the scent, atmosphere, sounds, and people around you.
    Thank you for your wonderful travel blogs, photo’s and stories. It’s like living it myself.

  6. With a family of five, packing snacks for traveling is a must! We always fill a cooler with drinks and food to help cut costs on the road. HAving a GPS is a must also, since my hibby refuses to stop and ask for directions.

  7. I just discovered packing cubes and I cannot imagine going on a trip without them anymore. It keeps everything organized and packing is a breeze.

  8. My paper cheatsheet for the trip as I like to travel without my cell powered on so I can experience it as I have for so long. I’m feeling old! But prepared :).

  9. We cannot leave without our GoPro! We keep buying accessories for it too. Totally addicted to documenting our travels and making fun little videos.

  10. When I travel overseas, I never leave home without my translator app on my iPhone! We spent 6 weeks traveling the back roads in Europe, and had many delightful conversations with locals… need directions, Open the app, where’s the nearest place to get coffee, open the app! People were intrigued, amused, and it was a wonderful ice breaker, and kept us in the loop!
    I’m glad I follow you on Instagram!
    Pastelsilove ( karan)

  11. I take two power banks for my phone, three batteries for my camera, and two camera battery re-chargers– one for the hotel room and one that plugs into a cigarette lighter in the car!

  12. Thanks everyone! We loved reading the diverse assortment of answers you had to share. The winner will be chosen randomly and we’ll announce it Friday! Contest is now closed for entries.

  13. Thank you everyone! We randomly drew for the winner of this contest by putting all of your names in which randomly selected a winner….And the winner of the mycharge portable charger is Tara! Congratulations Tara! Thank you all for participating and your support. We plan to hold another contest for subscribers again soon!

  14. I always have my notebook with me. Always. I tried to just use my notes app on my phone, but struggle with it. I’m too tactile. Bummer I missed the drawing cuz I’m heading out on a trip into the Florida back country soon.

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