Is Sofia, Bulgaria Worth Visiting?

Is Sofia, Bulgaria worth visiting? That’s a great question, especially as we head into warmer spring weather. If you haven’t seen too much of Europe, you’re probably better off planning visits elsewhere. But if you enjoy off the beaten path destinations, with fewer tourists, then a visit to Sofia might be ideal. It’s also the European Union’s cheapest capital city, so that’s certainly appealing for travelers looking to maximize budgets.

We visited Sofia this past November, sandwiching a four day stay between Greece and London. There are now at least four direct flights daily between London and Sofia. And as Bulgaria is now part of the EU, it’s easier than ever to travel there. The Black Sea Resort town of Varna is also becoming increasingly popular in summer, with direct flights there from around Europe.

Temperatures hit freezing during our mid-November visit to Sofia. You won’t encounter too many smiling faces when it’s bitterly cold. Like many places that shift between extreme temperatures, Bulgarians are generally friendlier when the weather is warmer (according to other sources). So don’t visit Bulgaria in winter unless you’re planning to partake in winter sports.

What to See: Is Sofia, Bulgaria Worth Visiting?

Sofia, Bulgaria Worth Visiting?

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest in the Eastern Orthodox world. This is an impressive cathedral that is a must see in Sofia. Be sure to also check out the adjacent flea market, this is the place to go for souvenirs and trinkets. One vendor had a huge selection of Olympic and Soviet Games pins, so we picked up a couple antique pins from the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

The Square of Tolerance features a mosque, a Catholic cathedral, an orthodox church and a synagogue, in the center of Sofia, within a few minutes walk from each other. With the current geopolitical climate featuring a backlash against multiculturalism, a visit here is an important reminder that diversity exists worldwide. Sofia is one of Europe’s oldest capitals and has a storied history of influence by greeks, arabs, jews and others.

While many of the highlights of Sofia revolve around impressive houses of worship, there are also quite a few worthwhile museums. Check out the National Palace of Culture Congress Centre, as it’s free and features quality local work. The National Gallery of Foreign Art is very good. And the Museum of Socialist Art is worthwhile for history buffs.

The Central Market (Tsentralni Hali) is a must if you visit Sofia over a long weekend. This is a great place to eat, shop and pick up some souvenirs. We enjoyed some tasty musaka here, one of Bulgaria’s national dishes. Think of the Greek dish, moussaka, but the Bulgarian version includes potatoes instead of eggplant. There’s a saying in Bulgaria that the key to a man’s heart can be found in making a great musaka, so don’t leave without trying it.

Is Bulgarian Food Good?

Bulgarian food is flavorful and it’s easy to find great bang for your buck in Sofia. Bulgarians generally grill meat expertly. They also make good salads, yogurts, feta cheese, red wine and liqueurs. As Bulgaria shares borders with Greece and Turkey, their food is similar, with unique influences.

We highly recommend Made In Home. It’s a quirky and relaxed restaurant with high quality food, drinks and service. Friendly service is refreshing for Sofia because it’s not the norm (at least not during freezing temperatures). We also highly recommend Hadjidraganov’s Cellars. It’s a little touristy but they serve excellent grilled meats, and the ambiance is fun and quirky.

Romance Factor: Is Sofia, Bulgaria Worth Visiting?

Sofia isn’t packed with romantic spots, especially when it’s very cold. But for couples that enjoy city getaways over long weekends, you can enjoy delicious food in some romantic restaurants for a fraction of what you’ll spend in many other European capital cities. Especially if you’re drinking a few wines or beers nightly. And as we previously mentioned, Bulgarians produce some quality wines, especially reds. Don’t go to Sofia for your honeymoon, but don’t rule it out for a wedding anniversary getaway.

A Security Incident at Sofia Airport

Bell had an incident at security when we were leaving Sofia. One of the security agents, who wasn’t even professionally dressed, inappropriately inspected her. With high platform heels, a tight top and tight pants, it’s not an exaggeration that the lady was dressed more like a domantrix than a security agent. Bell made a formal complaint to the European Union who responded by saying that they don’t regulate airport security. That left us pondering the point of their existence. As this was our last impression of Bulgaria, Bell has no interest in returning as there are so many other places to visit in the world. I’m open to visiting Varna during the warmer months.

Where to Stay in Sofia, Bulgaria

You’ll generally find the best hotel prices on You can also find awesome value on apartments (with consistently good reviews) on Airbnb. If you’ve never used the service, sign up here for a $40 credit off your first stay! 

We stayed at the Best Western Art Plaza Hotel for four nights. The hotel’s location is great for exploring Sofia on foot as it’s just a block from Vitosha Boulevard, the main shopping street of Sofia. The rooms are comfortable and ours was decorated predominantly in purple, which is pretty unique. At the equivalent of around $60 US a night, it’s great value for the center of a European capital city. Breakfast is also included, and while not exceptional, there is an adequate variety of warm and cold dishes.

Best Western Art Plaza Hotel

Hristo Belchev str, 46
Sofia, 1000

Recap: Is Sofia, Bulgaria Worth Visiting?


Pros: Most inexpensive capital city in Europe

Quality food and accommodation at great prices

Not as touristy as most European capitals

Cons: A little lacking in a wow factor

The dodgiest airport security we have encountered in over 50 different countries of travel

Can be challenging to explore in winter because of very cold temperatures

We both feel nearby Bucharest, Romania makes for a better weekend trip. Bucharest has a wow factor with the biggest parliament building in the world. It also has a more picturesque, gaudy and vibrant historic center. Check out our article on Why Bucharest, Romania is Worth Visiting to read more on why we rank Bucharest over Sofia.

Have you traveled here? Do you think Sofia, Bulgaria is worth visiting? Let us know and feel free to include tips in the comments! 

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15 thoughts on “Is Sofia, Bulgaria Worth Visiting?

  1. Wow, that’s a lovely point of view for Sofia 🙂
    I am a native Sofia girl and it’s always amazing to read how people perceive my city.

    And I want to apologize for the behavior of the airport security staff – it’s unacceptable!!!
    Hope you visit again!


    1. Hi Bistra! Thank you for your comment!

      We really appreciate feedback from locals. We’re glad you enjoyed the article!

      Thank you for the apology also, that’s very sweet of you. Hopefully we will return to Bulgaria someday!

  2. I’ve never been to Sofia or Bulgaria and have never read anything about it before so this a very helpful overview. It sounds like a good non-touristy option when the weather is warm, though your experience at the airport is certainly concerning. Love the picture of the Cathedral.

  3. Sounds like a fun adventure despite the airport situation. I hear that Bulgaria has some great wines, wonder if there are good ones near Sofia. Looking forward to see where your travels take you next!

    1. Hey Diningtraveler. Yeah, Bulgaria is an excellent country for wine lovers. Apparently it was the world’s second biggest producer of wines in the 1980’s, before communism fell. It’s now seeing a resurgence of quality stuff There are some wineries near Sofia and several winery tour options. There are also some great wine bars in Sofia. This was not why we went to Bulgaria but if we go back, we’ll definitely do a winery tour as what we enjoyed there was delicious!

  4. Awesome! I’m planing to go to Europe in July and I’m making my schedule so this post is very helpful!.. as I have been before (6 months living in Austria and traveling around) I think it’s worth visiting, also I liked the fact you mentioned about being European Union’s cheapest capital city :), thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Pilar. Have a wonderful time on your upcoming trip! We’re glad you’re putting Sofia on your list. If you haven’t been, we’d also recommend going to Bucharest, Romania. Their Parliament building, “The People’s Palace” is the biggest in the world. They also have a really lively and interesting old town, and it’s just 2 and 1/2 hours by train to the lovely town of Brasov, in Transylvania.

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