Local Tips For Visiting Tarpon Springs, Florida

By Alex Kallimanis: Just 30 miles northwest of Tampa, Tarpon Springs has the largest per capita Greek American population of any town in the USA. Around 25% of some 29,000 Tarpon residents are of Greek descent. An abundance of excellent Greek restaurants, bakeries, fresh seafood, craft breweries, boutique shops and festivals makes Tarpon Springs a…

Most Common Scams Around the World

We’ve lived around the United States, Europe, Australia and have traveled to 57+ countries. We know that people worldwide are generally good, but we’ve had some sketchy encounters with shady characters. Unfortunately, touristy locations can be breeding grounds for crimes or scams of opportunity. We’ve even personally seen unsuspecting tourists get conned in rigged games….

Common Scams in Krakow and Eastern Europe to Avoid

Krakow can be a great place to visit. Poland’s second largest city and most visited destination offers a wonderful mix of interesting history and great nightlife. Unfortunately, like other popular Eastern European cities like Prague, Budapest and Riga, the boom in tourism has also seen a spike in a small minority of people who want…

horse and carriage ride in Krakow