Tinto de Verano, a great alternative to Sangria

Planning to visit Spain’s Andalusia region and indulge in sangria everywhere you go? Well, you might be disappointed, as we discovered that it’s not typical in the region. Luckily they have tinto de verano, a great alternative to sangria.

Beach bar in Andalusia, tinto de verano

Tinto de verano (summer red wine) is found just about everywhere you go in Andalusia . It is a far more simple beverage compared to sangria, as it typically only consists of one part red wine and one part gaseosa (a mild flavored, low sugar, carbonated lemonade), served over lots of ice. Sometimes a lemon wedge is added. That’s it, no fancy umbrella, doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Summer red wine in Spain, tinto de verano
No need to slice up lots of fruit and marinate anything for this drink. In Spain, tinto’s can be mixed at home, served straight from a bar tap in a large beer mug over ice, or you can even buy it pre-mixed in big plastic 2 liter containers. One other thing, it’s delicious. Even the junkie looking pre-mixed stuff is tasty. Especially on a really hot day.

If you want to try making this drink outside of Spain, find yourself a decent red wine (nothing too fancy or expensive) and substitute the gaseosa with sprite or 7-up mixed with carbonated water. Fanta and carbonated water can do the trick too, or add a special twist of your own and be on your way to fame and fortune as a cocktail mixologist. Let us know how you go!

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