Tall Ships in Dublin 2012

This past weekend, Dublin’s Liffy river and docklands were overrun with tall ships and spectators. It was a festival atmosphere as an estimated 500,000 people visited on Saturday alone to see some magnificent ships, listen to live music, ride carnival rides, shop and eat just about anything their heart desired to celebrate tall ships Dublin…

One of the best pubs in Europe: Kulminator in Antwerp, Belgium

If you find yourself heading to Amsterdam from Paris, or visa versa, like so many, it’s most definitely worth a stop in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the best pubs in Europe can be found there. Also, I believe “We’re on the way” is Belgium’s official travel slogan. The city is a total cross between the Netherlands…

Belfast Murals and Political Monuments

The Belfast murals evoke controversy. During your travels in Ireland, its best to avoid discussing them with strangers. They have become symbols of Northern Ireland, depicting past and present religious and political divisions. Belfast and Derry are home to arguably the most famous political murals in Europe. Some 2,000 murals have been documented since the 1970s….