What to do when you can’t travel?…Random international food night

A few years ago Alex and I were not able to travel so much. We both really missed going new places and experiencing new things. So one evening we came up with a way to bring one of the greatest things about travel to us…international food!

So we each wrote down 5 countries on bits of paper in secret…

travel and international food

and then we popped our countries in a hat…

travel and international food

and of course next we drew countries out for the order in which we would cook dishes

travel and international food
Interestingly enough we had not listed any of the same countries. The first country that came out for us was Finland, so we looked up their national dishes. Unfortunately Finland does not have the most exotic choices, and is not really known in Europe for its culinary delights. However, we choose Finnish Meatballls (Lihapyorykoita) and while this might not be the most exciting dish, we enjoyed learning about Finnish cuisine and had fun cooking up our meatballs.

Does anyone have any other tips for bringing travel to your home?

8 thoughts on “What to do when you can’t travel?…Random international food night

  1. Oh! Have you heard about the couple in New York that are cooking national dishes from every country alphabetically, and blogging about it? I heard it on the America’s Test Kitchen podcast. They do a bunch of research on the national dishes of the country they’re cooking, gather ingredients (which is probably super easy in New York — Dublin might be a bit tricky!) and learn how to cook those dishes. They do about 1 country a month. Great idea! What’s been the best so far?

  2. What a great idea. I like to take walks around the parts of my city (London) that I’m not so familiar with. I find that it really is travel, I just don’t have to go very far.

    1. Thank you and thank you for sharing your idea! I agree, part of traveling is exploring, and sometimes we’re lazy about exploring our won backyards.

        1. Haha, yes we had the same experience in Amsterdam. But with these cities there is always something wonderful to explore for the first time and things frequently change!

  3. Go to couchsurfing website and invite someone who’s travelling around to have dinner at your place. It’s great to learn about the different countries… but you’re probably already doing that 🙂

    1. Funny you just mentioned this. We hadn’t used couch surfing in some time and were thinking about this so we invited someone to stay next weekend 🙂

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