Happy King’s Day Netherlands!

Last updated on September 22nd, 2022 at 08:07 amKing’s Day (Koningsdag) is the biggest celebration of the year across the Netherlands. The day celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. From 1890-2013 the nation’s biggest party was known as Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag) as the previous monarchs have been women. But last year on Queen’s Day, April 30th, 2013,…

Happy King's Day!

How to Overcome Challenges of Living Abroad

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 03:14 pmLife abroad can appear incredible through the lense of social media. Lapping up scenic vistas over delicious food and drinks in historic locations is incredible. Life is about priorities, and for years we’ve put the freedom of travel at the top of our list. Traveling around Europe…

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare

Top 10 cities in the World to Love and Hate

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 10:47 pmThe world offers an abundance of epic beauty. It’s also filled with annoying nonsense, often co-existing simultaneously. This is list of 10 cities in the world to love and hate. If you’ve been to any of these destinations, you’ll probably find some issues you agree with! 10)…

The Most Unique Pubs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a touristy city, so many pubs serve only mass produced beers. We spent 3 and 1/2 years living in the historic center of Amsterdam, which spawned a deep appreciation for Dutch and Belgian craft beers. Our list of unique Amsterdam pubs offers a recommendation for beer enthusiasts of varying tastes. Some of the pubs listed here draw quite a few tourists because they’re popular, but none are tourist traps because you’ll also find a solid mix of locals at each!