10 Reasons Athens Might Still be Europe’s Greatest City

Athens is the oldest capital city in Europe, with a population of around 5 million people. With history spanning thousands of years, Greece is considered the birthplace of western civilization. The long recession has allowed Athens to transform itself into a multi-layered society influenced by European neighbors. Today, trendy restaurants and cafes sit alongside ancient…

Tips for Visiting Bordeaux in Summer

Bordeaux blends beautiful architecture with a relaxed vibe. There is a fantastic culinary scene to enjoy on the terraces of sublime squares dating back centuries. The UNESCO World Heritage town of Saint Emilion, just 21 miles (35 km) from Bordeaux is a world class wine producing region with incredible beauty. And nearby beach towns like…

a grand water fountain in Bordeaux, France

Best Things to do in Dublin in Summer

We lived in Dublin for over two years. Aside from the frequently cool rainy weather, we generally loved it. The charm of the Irish people, breathtaking coastal scenery, great literary history and wonderful music and atmosphere in the pubs make Ireland a place that visitors fall in love with and yearn to return one day….